Chaplain Charged In Crime. Why? It's Baffling

When President Trump was charged in crimes by Fulton County Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis, eighteen others were likewise charged. One of them was a chaplain who has ministered at major crises across our nation, like 9-11 emergencies, hurricanes, and tsunamis. Why was he charged? Frankly, I am not sure. But it will cost him enormous sums in legal fees.

Chaplain Steve Lee

Hear The Puzzling Story 

Leray Haynes

Included in this World Prayer Network broadcast will be an interview with Leray Heynes, who has a most unique ministry, helping business owners turn their business into an ecclesia, helping them to create “marketplace ecclesias.” This is one of the most encouraging reports you will hear.

Timothy Mercaldo

Also, meet a new worship leader on the World Prayer Network – Tim Mercaldo – tell of his musical play on the great Welsh Revival.
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