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Well Versed & This Precarious Moment

Well Versed

Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues -30 Short Videos for Bible Study

This Precarious Moment

6 Urgent Steps that will Save You, Your Family and our Country – 12 Short Videos for Bible Study

What Others Are Saying About Well Versed

Representative Phil King
“Got a late request to fill in at a Sunday School class for this week. Went to my outdated outline on abortion. Started to painstakingly update then remembered Well Versed. Now I’ll just walk the class through that chapter. Thanks!“

Texas State Rep Phil King (TX)
61st District, Texas

Dr István Laaszio Meszaros
With Dr István Laaszio Meszaros – a former Member of the Hungarian Parliament. He is a professor in the grad school (Masters program) at St. Paul’s Academy, where he uses the book WELL VERSED (which has been translated into Hungarian) as compulsory reading for his students, followed by an extensive exam. Dr. and Mrs. Garlow were with him in Budapest, Hungary and at the European Union in Brussels, Belgium (pictured).

Well Versed People

Well Versed Book Distribution to Members of Congress

A team of 12 hand-delivered a copy of the book WELL VERSED to every one of the
offices of the 535 Members of Congress. Later, Dran Reese, President of the
Salt & Light Council. oversaw teams which hand-delivered a copy of the
WELL VERSED book to every office of each
of the 7,383 State Legislators in all 50 states.