The Garlow Perspective


The one minute “Garlow Perspective” commentary is heard on nearly 800 total radio outlets (stations and translators) dailiy.

The Garlow Perspective

Jim Garlow speaks boldly in his daily 1:00 feature where he describes issues of righteousness: biblical values of religious freedom, pro-life, biblical marriage between a man and a woman to name a few. He tackles timely cultural issues of the day as a way to underscore biblical truth in a time when too often truth is exchanged for tolerance and a lack of courage.

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Dr. Jim Garlow
Pastor for 50 years, today Jim Garlow leads Well Versed, a ministry whose objective is to help leaders (government official and layman) grapple with contemporary issues from a foundation of biblical truth.  The daily feature provides audiences with a deeper understanding of issues that matter for today—and for the future.