Members of Congress

This is a prayer page. Many people criticize those in positions of authority. We ask you to pray for them – each of these pictured here. We ask you to pray for them by name. Pray for their personal lives, their marriages and children, and in some cases, their grandchildren. But above all, PRAY THAT THEY OPERATE WITH BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES OF GOVERNANCE in all the legislative conversations they have, decisions they make, and votes they cast. Repeating, this is a prayer page. Please use it for that purpose.

The Well Versed is neither Republican or Democrat. We are Biblical. Before you proceed, it is imperative that you read our “Members of Congress Disclosure.”

U.S. House of Representatives

Speaker Mike Johnson
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
Congressman Brian Babin 
Congressman Gus Bilirakis
Congresswoman Diane Black 
Congressman Michael Cloud 
Congressman Ron DeSantis,
now the Governor of the State of Florida 
Congressman Jeff Duncan
Congressmen John Fleming, LA, Chris Smith, NJ, Andy Harris, MD 
Congressman Trent Franks 
Congressman Bill Flores 
Congressman Louie Gohmert
Congressman Louie Gohmert
Congressman Gregg Harper 
Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler 
Congressman Jody Hice
Congressman Duncan D. Hunter 
Congressman Jim Jordan 
Congressman Robert Pittenger 
Congressman Steve King
Congressman Dan Lipinski 
Congressman Barry Loudermilk 
Kevin McCarthy, Minority Whip, U.S. House of Representatives 
Congressman Bob McEwen
Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers 
 The highest ranking Republican woman in Congress – Washington Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers – is a biblically brilliant, serious Jesus follower.  Profoundly articulate. Exceptional leader. 
Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan 
Former Congressman Pete Sessions
Congressman Tim Walberg 
One of the great privileges was to discuss steps toward racial healing with Representative Mark Walker and Representative Jody Hice, both pictured (along with Senator Tim Scott and Senator James Lankford). 
Congressman Randy Weber 
Congressman Jody Hice, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Congressman Joe Wilson (middle)
Congressman Andrew Clyde
Congressman Barry Moore 
Congressman Bob Good 
Congressman Cliff Bentz
Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach 
Congressman Tracey Mann 

U.S. Senate

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Joni Ernst
Senator Dianne Feinstein 
Senator Chuck Grassley 
Senator Jim Inhofe 
Senator James Lankford 
Senator Joe Lieberman
Senator Joe Lieberman 
Senator Joe Lieberman 
Discussing racial healing with Senator Tim Scott and Senator James Lankford (with Representatives. Mark Walker and
Representative. Jody Hice) 
Senator James Lankford 
This is an unusual picture that we ordinarily would not post, but we do so for a reason. So many people unjustifiably criticize Members of Congress. However, they don’t actually know any or very many Members of Congress. Well Versed believes we should pray for Members. After visiting with Senator James Lankford in a restaurant one night, I left to go. As I walked outside, I happened to look back. Senator James Lankford, a very recognized and recognizable figure in Washington, DC had his head down and was praying over the meal that he and his daughter were about to share. A tender moving moment. Next time you are inclined to make an unjustified criticism of a Member of Congress, think of this picture. A father and daughter. A meal. A prayer.  
– Jim Garlow

Pastor | Congressman

We thought you might be interested to know that at least four recent Members of Congress with which we have had the privilege of working were pastors before they were elected.
Pictured here are those four Members, leading a prayer at a special event in the U.S. Capitol Building: 

Congressman Jody Hice 

Senator James Lankford 

Congressman Tim Walberg 

Congressman Mark Walker 

Members of Congress Well Versed Bible Study

Special Well Versed Events

Attorney Phillip Jauregui, who has led Well Versed Bible studies both in Congress and at the United Nations, speaking for the Congressional Bible Study event.
Dr. Jim Garlow leading the Well Versed Bible study with Members of Congress 
A special Well Wersed Congressional Bible study event for Members of Congress and Members of Parliament from South America, Europe and Africa.