Host a Well Versed Bible Study

Hosting a well Versed bible study

Hosting a Well Versed Bible Study can change your community and bring Biblical knowledge and insight into a very confused nation. Even in Christianity, we are seeing more Christians deviate from what history and the Bible tell us is the right way to believe and live, according to the Word of God. It is time to become a vessel for Truth, and we can supply you with the tools you need to get started.  

Here is what others are saying about hosting a Well Versed Bible Study:

"I know EVERYONE is enjoying the book/study. " - Pete Curry
Jan Arthur's Well Versed Bible Study
Jan Arthur's Bible Study
"Thank you,  Dr Garlow for giving us a tool to learn how to engage our community, Christian and secular.  
Each week our discussion has gotten better & we look forward to being encouraged to step up and live our faith out loud!" -Jan Arthur
"We took turns to share the most impressive part from the video and went through the related questions. We always spent longer time on one 
specific question and read the bible verse quoted for the chapter. We feel the application is very important. We connected the teaching to the 
issues we face in our daily life in the society and we think this study has been very helpful." -Wen
"...we connected the teaching to the issues we face in our daily life in the society and we think this study has been very helpful. "
- Wen Li
"It is the easiest study I’ve ever led. You’ve put together a well thought out study for us." -Tony
"...the discussions are insightful & revealing!
I believe we are all feeling more equipped to have compassionate, yet biblically based, truthful conversations.
" -Kathleen

Here is what we provide you to host a Well Versed Bible Study:

The book Well Versed

You will purchase the book Well Versed, which will be your ultimate guide on a multitude of relevant challenges of today. 

Study Questions (Online)

You can access study questions to present to your group to provoke thoughtful conversation by going to

Matching Videos (Online)

Watch the corresponding videos for each chapter and hear Dr. Garlow provide further insight on each subject by going to 

"Deeper Dive" Study Questions

Ready to go deeper? These deeper dive questions will help your small group incorporate more scripture and thought provoking questions.


You are not alone! We are here to support this journey. We have a helpful Bible Study training and a wonderful staff to help you make this successful! Contact us at 


You've successfully hosted your Well Versed Bible Study - now what? Encourage your friends to do the same! Share this page with them, and get another study going to equip those in your community.

Ready to Host a
Well Versed Bible study?

One of the easiest way to help educate people about Biblical principles of governance is to host a Well Versed Bible Study.