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Video: 1 & 2
Video: 3 & 4
Video: 5
Video: 6
Video: 7
Video: 8
Video: 9
Video: 10
Video: 11 
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We were informed by the publisher of the book Well Versed that they have been told by their printers that, given supply chain challenges, they are having trouble getting paper. We do not know if it can be solved quickly or not. We have a small quantity of Well Versed, and Tristan Teng, our Resource Manager, is filling what orders he can. The bad news: we don’t have nearly enough.

Here is our three part solution to the problem:

  1. To all the Well Versed Bible study leaders, we are sending you at least one book (as long as they last). Then as soon as we receive the Well Versed books, we will send to you the quantity you ordered. Many of you ordered a case of 24 books. We will get them to you as soon as possible. Regretfully, our publisher reports that the printers are not able to tell them a date when those books might come to us.
  1. To help us all get by, here is a pdf of the first 11 chapters of Well Versed, the chapters that we are asking you to cover in the Bible study. You can print it off, or simply share electronically. For copyright reasons, we do ask that you share this only with persons in your Well Versed small group. Please do not share beyond that. Here is the link for the first 11 chapters of Well Versed for your Bible study.
  1. Some copies of Well Versed can be purchased (a) from Amazon (a few new books), (b) or even a few used copies. In addition, attendees of your Well Versed study can (c) read it on Kindle, or (d) listen to it on  Audible. Click here for any of these four options.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. Please let Shamain  (Shamain@WellVersedWorld.org) know any questions you have and ways we can help you.

Here is what we provide you to host a Well Versed Bible Study:

The book, "Well Versed"

You will purchase the book Well Versed, which will be your ultimate guide on a multitude of relevant challenges of today. 

Study Questions

You can access study questions to present to your group to provoke thoughtful conversation.

Matching Videos (Online)

Watch the matching videos for each chapter and hear Dr. Garlow provide further insight on each subject.

"Deeper Dive" Study Questions

Ready to go deeper? These deeper dive questions will help your small group incorporate more scripture and thought provoking questions.


You are not alone! We are hear to support this journey. We have a helpful Bible Study training and a wonderful staff to help you make this successful!

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