"From Culturally Woke to Biblically Awake"

This new book will come out late-June, with the Biblical foundations for over 50 political topics including:

ESG, DEI, wokeism, “Christian Nationalism,” transgenderism, transhumanism, the feminization of men, fatherlessness, antisemitism, anti-Zionism, the border, election fraud, Big Pharma, the loss of medical freedom, WHO (World Health Organization), WEF (World Economic Forum), Big Tech, cancel culture, Big Ag, the loss of food security, AI, genetic mutation, cloning, the 15 minute city, video screen addiction, fiat currency, CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), CRT, energy dependence, homelessness, sex trafficking, reparations, pornography, abortion, homosexuality, global warming, extraterrestrials and UFOs, world population and more.

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Release Date: August 2024