Who We Are

our mission

"Bringing biblical principles of governance to government leaders
and the people who elect them."

The world is in crisis. So many human institutions are failing. Everyone knows it.  Human suffering, pain and poverty will only be reduced once nations follow the biblical principles of governance. Only eternal and transcendent truths will produce peace and prosperity in nations. Shipping bags of beans and rice to starving people is important., VERY IMPORTANT!.
What is even better is when the government follows the biblical economic principles so that people can grow their own beans and rice, or have gainful employment

Our Beginnings

On August 13, 1956, Jim Garlow, only a nine year old, while watching the Democratic National Convention on television in his North Central Kansas farm house, sensed his calling to the political arena, and would later call it a “governmental anointing.” Years later as an adult, he desired to impact those running for office with the truth of God’s Word. As a pastor, he frequently invited candidates – Republican, Democrat and Independents – to his church, and was involved with them in countless campaigns, praying for them. At one point, he thought he might run for office, but instead sensed God’s leading that he was not to run for office, but was to encourage those who do. Those words, “encourage those who run for office” have been a central focus of his life for the last forty years.

We are told that the two things you are not to discuss are “religion and politics.” But in the home in which Jim grew up, his farm family discussed theology and government on a continual basis. Consequently, his sister – Judy Garlow Wade – also became heavily involved in the governmental arena, as a prayer leader-intercessor, leading groups in thousands of hours of intercession for those in governmental service, including leading or participating in many “prayer walks” to governmental centers.

Our Methodology

Well Versed teaches biblical principles of governance to governmental
leaders through a Four Pronged Strategy

Government Leaders

Hosting various outreach with Members of Congress, United Nations and Israeli Parliament (Knesset)

Governmental Missions

Consisting of “on site,” first-hand experiential training, with tours of nations to keep Well Versed stakeholders informed on key political leaders and issues.  Setting up direct private meetings with Heads-of-State around the globe.

Mentorship and Training

Raising up the next generation with instruction and sponsored trips to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Israel, working with various organizations  and, with local congregations through our “Association of Well Versed Churches”.

News & Prayer 

Well Versed ministry supplies the funds and logistics for the twice-a-week World Prayer Network, a news source, interviewing key newsmakers and opinion makers from around the globe, followed by prayer. The Well Versed Intercessory Team is led by Dr Jim Garlow’s sister, Judy Garlow Wade. 

Here is the Challenge

If two persons get elected to Congress, and one is a follower of God and the other one isn’t, their personal and private lives will likely be different,
but quite likely neither know what the Bible teaches about the nature of government!  Why? Because many Bible believers are NOT Well Versed.
They do not know what the Bible says about civil government!

Government Leaders

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The Problem

We help governmental leaders become Well Versed, knowing what the Bible says about every political or governmental topic. God invented government. God establishes nations. To the extent that a nation follows Biblical principles of governance, to that same extent, it will reduce human pain, suffering and poverty. 

Members of Congress

Many people criticize those in Congress. Admittedly, some bring that on themselves. But we ask you to pray for them. 


We provide occasional worship and/or Bible studies on biblical principles of governance for government leaders. 

United Nations

Pre-Covid, the Well Versed team leads weekly Bible studies for the employees of the UN in the Secretariat. We work with Ambassadors, meeting with them privatively or in small groups. 

Heads of State

Many people criticize presidents, prime ministers and kings. While challenging them might be merited, we ask you to also pray for them. 

Israeli Parliament (The Knesset)

Pre-Covid, the Well Versed team partnered with Rabbi Yehuda Glick and Rabbi Tuly Weisz who have led occasional Bible (Tanakh) studies, at the Knesset, with Christians and Jews studying the Bible together. Post-Covid, we are preparing to continue. 

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