We provided Bible studies on biblical principles of governance to leaders, gathering them into “micro-congregations” in:


  • Members of Congress
  • Persons who work at the U.S. State Department

A team of 12 hand-delivered a copy of the book WELL VERSED to every one of the offices of the 535 Members of Congress. Later, Dran Reese, President of the Salt & Light Council. oversaw teams which hand-delivered a copy of the WELL VERSED book to every office of each of the 7,383 State Legislators in all 50 states.


  • Persons who work at the United Nations
  • Ambassadors of the United Nations
There are 193 Member Nations in the United Nations, in New York City, each with its own Ambassador. We have met privately, one-on-one, in their offices, with these nearly 100 Ambassadors.

When possible (since Covid),  we gather in small Well Versed groups to encourage, pray, and share biblical principles.


  • Israeli Parliament – in Jerusalem, Israel, we have co-sponsored a Torah (Hebrew Scriptures) study with Jews and Christians studying the Bible together, led by Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a former Member of the Knesset, in addition to Rabbi Tuly Weiz of Israel 365. 
Well Versed has had the privilege of co-sponsoring the “Schindler Society Bible/Tanakh Study” in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, in Jerusalem, on six occasions and we look forward to our seventh.