The Problem

Here is the challenge:

If two persons get elected to Congress, and one is a follower of God and the other one isn’t, their personal and private lives will likely be different, but quite likely neither know what the Bible teaches about the nature of government! 

Why? Because many Bible believers are NOT Well Versed.

They do not know what the Bible says about civil government!

But together with you, we can help people become Well Versed.

We help governmental leaders become Well Versed, knowing what the Bible says about every political or governmental topic:
  • Social security
  • Minimum wage
  • Welfare
  • Healthcare
  • Immigration
  • Refugees
  • War
  • Education
  • The purpose of government
  • Abortion
  • Marriage
  • National debt
  • Israel

You name it…the Bible speaks about it…and we are there to help
governmental leaders, young adults and you, become Well Versed.

Governmental Leaders

Providing Governmental Leaders with Biblical Principles of Governance to use in public policy.

You - As Citizens

Providing training to citizens through mentorship, materials, and missions, so as to grow/develop their understanding of the benefits of Biblical Principles of Governance.

Global Impact Trips

Providing travel opportunities to meet with governmental leaders and/or create awareness of historical and political realities in support of Biblical Principles of Governance.

Young Adults

Outreach to our future leaders through written, audio, and video materials to leverage time and maximize impact to bring Biblical Principles of Governance.


The Bible speaks clearly about:
(1) personal matters,
(2) family matters,
(3) church life, and
(4) civil government. (Yes, it does!) 
God originally established government and establishes nations today. He knows best how government is to function. All 66 books of the Bible contain material written to, for, about, or by persons in government.

When God’s ways of government are followed, prosperity and blessing are restored.
The Mission of Well Versed: Bringing Biblical Principles of Governance … to Governmental Leaders and the Citizenry.