15 Minutes To Look At 32 Very Intriguing Links That Can Help You

Take 15 minutes and check out these 32 very intriguing links that can help you:
1. Well Versed App HERE. If you don’t have it, download it now.
2. Check out the incredible photos and videos of the powerful National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance 2024 event HERE.
3. Resources in newsletters. DISCOVER HERE. Click on any newsletter, then a search bar comes up on the right. Type in key words to find newsletters on the topic of your interest.
4. Speaking of resources, get ready for the newest one HERE to be released in April 2024. This new book will give you the biblical foundations to 60 different political-governmental topics, how to be truly Well Versed in a woke world, with not only a book for adults, but a junior high version, a children’s storybook version, and a children’s coloring book.
5. One-minute radio commentaries called “The Garlow Perspective,” aired on approximately 600 radio outlets daily. You can find out what stations they are
on in your area. LISTEN HERE.
6. Stay informed regarding Israel. CLICK HERE.
7. Public Reading of Scripture online, every Wednesday at 12pm Pacific / 3pm Eastern.
8. Torah Readings online, every Friday evening - 4pm Pacific / 5pm Mountain / 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern. JOIN HERE!
9. If you want to know who Well Versed is, CLICK HERE.
10. Learn why we are not political, but Biblical. CLICK HERE.
11. What is the problem we face in America? LEARN HERE.
12. Twice a week, the World Prayer Network airs, every Sunday night and Wednesday night at 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern Time. LISTEN HERE.
13. Join the Well Versed Intercessor Team HERE.
14. Training videos HERE. Notice the search bar for Series, Topics, Speakers or Scripture. Also some short videos on Biblical principles of governance HERE.
15. Specialized teaching videos HERE.
16. The Well Versed Podcast HERE.
17. Pray for Members of Congress, CLICK HERE.
18. Praying for the United Nations to get on track with Biblical truth, CLICK HERE.
19. Praying for Heads of State, CLICK HERE.
20. Pray for the periodic Tanakh Bible studies in the Knesset HERE.
21. Praying for Europe, CLICK HERE.
22. Come tour Israel, CLICK HERE for details.
23. Resources from the Well Versed store HERE.
24. Learn to think not politically, not as a Republican or Democrat or Independent, but to think Biblically, or Biblically-governmental, based on Scripture, as a Jesus-follower HERE.
25. Use the Well Versed book to begin a Bible study on the Biblical principles of governance. See our Bible studies HERE. Gear up to host a Well Versed Bible Study HERE. We have provided you 31 short videos, one for each chapter, discussion questions, and "deeper dives" HERE so you need very little to no preparation to begin this Bible study.
26. Get a Biblically based, Hebrew roots calendar HERE.
27. CLICK HERE to learn from a host of exceptional speakers and topics from Well Versed past events.
28. If Well Versed has blessed you and helped you in understanding Biblical principles of governance, then please send THIS LINK to your friends for them to sign up to receive the Well Versed newsletter.
29. HERE is part of our team.


30. Dr. Garlow is a 1972 graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. Hear the story of the Ichthus Festival, an outdoor Jesus festival, which was started by a group of seminary students when Dr. Garlow was a student there. This festival impacted tens of thousands over the years (it was the place where Mike Pence came to Christ as a young man).
31. See the remarkable stories and memories of the Asbury University Revival of February of 2023 HERE. For the story of previous revival at Asbury College, CLICK HERE.
32. LISTEN to Winifred Garlow’s (mother of Dr. Jim Garlow) experience of heaven on September 9, 2023, before she died on September 14, 2023.
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