The Four Most Astounding Stories I Have Heard In Decades

We sent three links out to you already regarding the National Gathering for Prayer and Repentance, but I wanted to draw special attention to the third link just in case you missed it. (NOTE: I have never asked this before, but after you listen to this remarkable video interview with Byron Stinson and Yitshak Mamo, will you write me at and tell me what you think of it?)

The final portion of our event in Washington DC covered four topics: 
1. The story behind the Red Heifer ceremony (from Numbers 19) that is about to take place for the first time in 2,000 years. According to Jewish tradition, the 10th time is supposed to involve the Coming of the Messiah, and it is believed that this is will be 10th ceremony. We saw one of the Red Heifers before it was shipped from Texas to Israel.
2. The miraculous story of obtaining the land (proper elevation in front of the original First – Solomon's – Temple) so the Red Heifer cleansing ceremony can take place. We have visited this site in-person. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS STORY HAS BEEN SHARED PUBLICALLY.
3. The stunning story of1 1 Kings 10, and the gold for Solomon’s Temple which came from “Ophir,” from which a round-trip took three years for Hiram’s ships to make the journey. Hear about the remote tribe in Papua New Guinea named “Ophia” which have a 3,000 year old oral tradition saying that they provided the gold for the First Temple (Solomon). Amazingly, Papua New Guinea has the largest depository of gold, and this tribe is now prepared to give one-third of their mined gold to Israel for the Third Temple. This has all developed in the last year. (And hear about “Solomon Islands”). ONCE AGAIN, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THIS STORY HAS BEEN TOLD PUBLICALLY. 
4. Learn the equally stunning story of the artifacts – from the actual birthplace of Jesus – that are now in the U.S. I have seen them myself. There are likely 1,000 artifacts in this collection. AND ONE MORE TIME – THIS STORY WAS NOT DISCUSSED IN A LARGE PUBLIC VENUE UNTIL NOW.

Interview With Byron Stinson & Yitshak Mamo

THE BIG QUESTION:Why is all of this (and many other things) being revealed now? What does this mean? Frankly, I am not sure. But these stories – and some more that we will talk about later – seem to be self-revelations of God, that is, Israel giving up her “secrets.” Why? Could it be because Messiah is coming soon. I make no predictions, but surely something is stirring. May the Messiah come. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. (Revelation 22:20).
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