Food Supply Chain Broken? Food Shortage In America? Certainly Not.

Doug Tjaden

Doug Tjaden is an expert on the food supply chain. We have not faced famine in America since the stock market crash of 1929 or the Dust Bowl days of the 1930s. That was nearly a century ago. Therefore, we cannot fathom a time when the grocery store shelves would be empty.

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However, the food supply chain is somewhat overextended. Did you know that the average distance that food travels from the farm to your table is 1,500 miles? And did you know that the average age of the American farmer is nearing 60? Did you know that large American corporations and billionaires (such as Bill Gates) are buying up farmland? And that China is also buying up large amounts of land? Some say, “Well, it’s only a small percentage of American farmland,” but it is still a lot of acres. Should we be concerned about all of this, especially as it relates to the food chain?
Doug suggests that there is reason to be prudent, to know the issues. A day of food scarcity could come. What would we do about it? Can we prepare? Are there steps we can take now?
Secondly, what if there was a great economic reset in which our financial system collapsed? What are our options? Most of us have heard of bartering, though we are certainly not sure exactly how that would work. In times of severe economic strain, some communities have created “local currency.” What is that? Is that legal? How would it work?
Doug provides the Biblical-Scriptural underpinnings to the issue of food, along with that of currency
Question: Who gives you a Biblical foundation for these topics?
Answer: Well Versed, via the World Prayer Network.
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