"Running Into The Fire" - A Book To Help You Make A Difference. Now.

God established government to restrain evil (Romans 13:4) and reward good (I Peter 2:14). But someone figuratively “switched the price tags” and those in power in Washington DC, and in many states, now call evil good, and call good evil (Isaiah 5:20).
Protecting the sanctity of life is now called “opposing reproductive healthcare.” Protecting the sacredness of Biblical marriage is now called hate, intolerance and homophobia. Affirming a boy as a boy and a girl as a girl is now labeled transphobia.
Paul wrote that the government is to be the διάκονος or diakonis of God, which translates to mean the “minister” or “servant” of God (Romans 13:4). But in a constitutional republic which votes as a democracy, we the people ARE the government. Thus, we, as Christ-followers, are commanded to make sure the government is, and remains, the “minister” or “servant” of God.
That means, in the simplest terms, you have to be alert, informed, educated, to pray and fast, and to take action regarding governmental-political issues. But how do we do that? The following three videos and this amazing book below will help you:
Terri Hasdorff, a woman who understands the “inside” of Washington, DC, and author of Running Into the Fire, explains how to get involved. Watch the video recording below:
We will send you Terri’s excellent and motivating new book, teaching you why and how to get involved governmentally, for a donation of any amount to Well Versed.  
Third, Matthew Martinez will tell you how to join a growing team of persons who care about Biblical governance. Listen to this packed 20-minute video:
Finally, there are nearly 550,000 elected offices in America. How about you running for one of these? But you say, “I don’t know what to do!” Well, listen to Aamon Ross and he will tell you exactly what to do.

Even if you don’t run for office, listen to this and then recruit others to run, and move alongside and help godly, Biblically-grounded candidates run for office. For a compact and highly informative 48-minute crash training session, watch the video here:
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