Netherlands Farmer-Preacher Speaks On the Dutch Farm Protests

You may have heard of the Dutch Farmer’s Protest. It is not merely about nitrogen. When you hear what the government of The Netherlands is doing to the farmers, you will see why the farmers are rightfully protesting. You need to hear this story.
Listen to Farmer-Preacher Esther Noordemer HERE (click above).
It started out as a simple interview.  I had no idea that Esther Noordemer, who operates a farm with her husband, is also a powerful preacher. She began to expound on Scripture. She was so insightful, I told her to continue. And she did. I sure did not know that the interview would become an incredible sermon, complete with profoundly relevant Biblical passages. It was really powerful. Before you listen to her, I want to give you a pictorial walk through her farm. The Dutch sweatshirt says, “I will not bow.” The “flags” in the field are symbols of the protest.  Enjoy the pictures and the interview!
Dr. Jim Garlow
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Rosemary Schindler Garlow
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