The Year 2023: 6,099,095 People

Please look at the graph below.
When you look at a ministry over a day, week, or maybe month, it does not look like as if it has much impact, or “reach." But when you evaluate impact over the course of a year, it begins to add up.
I asked our tech/web guy to give me the numbers, that is, really defensible numbers. I asked him to throw out all the inflated numbers that can make impact look like it is greater than it really is. (Example: If a preacher preaches online, should he count the people who listened only three seconds? Answer: No.)

Getting at these types of numbers can be tricky and very difficult. There is the temptation to, as they say, "speak evangelistically." Frankly, that is not "evangelistic." That is deception.

So I asked our tech/web guy to really crunch the numbers, to try to evaluate what might be true impact, as opposed to only perceived or inflated impact. I admit, sometimes it is hard to tell. (We took out one very large number when we discovered that it wildly inflated what kind of a “reach” we actually had.) And it is also true that if a person listened to every single one of our 104 World Prayer Network calls this year, they would show up as 104 persons, since this measures total number of people listening, not "unique" persons. So this is a cumulative impact for one year, for 2023.

Bottom line: The following graph attempts to assess the total "reach" or impact felt by newsletters, social media posts, website interactions, podcasts, World Prayer Network calls twice a week, etc. We did not list impact from the one minute radio commentary called THE GARLOW PERSPECTIVE, which is carried on approximately 600 radio outlets every day, because we simply don’t know what figures to insert. Nor did we list the impact of books sold and distributed.
Candidly, our mission is simple. We are attempting to bring Biblical principles of governance to government leaders… and to the people who elect them. And given the present condition of America, we are doing our best to bring together high-level leaders to stand in for the nation, and to lead in prayers of heartfelt repentance before a Holy and Just God. (Please see here.)

We are not a huge ministry. But we are - with the help of the Lord - desiring to leave a “footprint” for Him. Here is our attempt to quantify that.

As you look at this graph, ask yourself: Is the Well Versed ministry "good soil" into which I can "sow good seed?" Would you consider a year-end gift to Well Versed right now?
If so, donate here.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed
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