Two GOOD NEWS Items Out Of Canada

Hear a remarkable story from Dr. Ann Gillies and “Mama Bear” Leader Marilyn Jones from Canada. Muslims – yes, the Muslims – launched a “LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE” movement. They quickly invited Christians to join in the leadership. It is expected that upwards of one million persons will march on Wednesday, September 20th. Parents are encouraged to take their children out of school that day for the march.

Hear The Story Here

Henry Hildebrandt

Secondly, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt was facing 15 years in prison and $52,000,000 in fines. For what? For having church service during Covid. He offered online services for all who wanted that. But many wanted to meet and worship in person together. By the way, there was not one single case of Covid in his congregation. Not one. But still, the totalitarian government of Ontario used the opportunity to try to crush him.

But... Hear The Final Result Here

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