You Can Help Stop Our Military From "Going Woke", From Being Transgendered.

Carol Swain, a leading scholar, speaker and author, grew up in abject poverty, overcame it, and has become one of the great thinkers of our time. She became a professor at Princeton, then later at Vanderbilt. As an African-American woman, she describes the tragedy of Critical Race Theory and the wrong application of affirmative action.
Her comments set the stage for Frank Gaffney, one of the top national security experts, to warn of the travesty of the potential nomination of General C. Q. Brown as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Senate is schedule to vote very soon. But you can help stop it. It is urgent that we stop the transgendering of our military by contacting your senator and asking them to vote “no” for the confirmation of General C. Q. Brown. Your nation depends on it.

Watch The Discussion with Carol & Frank

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