A Plea to Help a Pastor Who is Falsely Accused / Imprisoned / About to be Charged

I need your help. On behalf of falsely accused Canadian Pastor Artur Pawlowski, I need you to write an email and make a call, now. It is urgent. Please listen to this story from Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s articulate 20-something son Nathaniel Pawlowski:

Nathaniel Pawlowski

On behalf of a Christian brother in need, please contact the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, via phone at +1-780-427-2711. ( See this: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=primere+of+Alberta&atb=v347-1&t=chromentp&ia=web ). Use this number if you are outside Alberta, Canada, and then also write an email: premier@gov.ab.ca. Insist that Pastor Artur Pawlowski be released now, and all charges dropped. Emphasize that Canada’s loss of religious liberty and fundamental human rights has deteriorated so badly that the US Congress and the 50 State Legislatures need to put Canada on a “Watch List.”

For background on the atrocities committed towards Artur Pawlowski, listen to these World Prayer Network interviews from last year:

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