Mixed News from California; Great News from Iowa

Why are we reporting on California state legislation. Because what happens in California generally doesn’t stay in California. It could come to your state. We have one great report, then one difficult one, then another wonderful report (this one from Iowa).

Senator Shannon Grove

You have all heard about the movie “Sound of Freedom.” A bold and courageous California State Senator decide to do something about it, and proposed Senate Bill 14 to increase penalties for child trafficking. Remarkably, it passed the radically leftist California Senate. However, when it went to an Assembly committee, it was voted down and died. However, the backlash was so strong, even Leftist Governor Gavin Newsom stepped in, resulting in a revote in which it passed 6-0. It now goes to the full Assembly. (read details here: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-07-13/california-democrats-reverse-course-after-killing-bill-to-stiffen-penalties-for-child-sex-trafficking)
Listen to CA State Senator Shannon Grove in our interview with her after the first failed vote of the Assembly committee, but the night before its successful passage the next day. Listen to it here:

Larry Pegram

However, California continues to pass horrific anti-family, anti-parent, anti-child legislation. There are four bills in the California Senate that are so egregious, so shocking, so anti-Biblical. Listen to Larry Pegram as he describes them here:

Congressman Steve King

Congressman Steve King used to represent a district in Iowa in Washington, DC. But he is going to give you a most encouraging report on what happened in the Iowa State Legislature this past week:
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