What you never knew about the 4th of July, but wished you did.

Two quick things. First, you love the 4th of July, Independence. And well you should. But do you know what really happened on July 2 and 4, back in 1776. And do you know the men who signed the Declaration of Independence, and who they are really were? And why should you care?
No one can explain Independence Day better than David Barton. See my interview with David, and all the items from his museum, here:
Secondly, this 4th of July offers a unique opportunity. It’s a movie. It officially opens on July 4.
The topic? Human trafficking. I admit it, I do not like to hear about human trafficking. None of us do. And I can hardly stand the thought of children – as young as six or seven – being trafficked. That is beyond repulsive. However, I do not have the option to follow the “Ostrich Solution” (head in sand). Followers of Jesus cannot do that.
I recently interviewed Alejandro Monteverde, the director of the new film Sound of Freedom. I was profoundly impressed with both the humility and the Jesus-honoring passion of Alejandro.  

Watch The Interview

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