June 28th, A Day Of Infamy.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called December 7, 1941 “a day of infamy” – infamy means a disgrace – because of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. However, our nation faced the reality of war and won it.

 June 28, 1969 was also day of infamy, a day of disgrace. It launched another war. And we have not won it.
Judy Wade and Jody Wood praying for America to repent of her sins,
at the site of Stonewall, today, June 28, 2023.
On that day, 54 years ago, the Stonewall Riots in New York City launched the homosexual revolution that we now refer to as LGBTQIA+ (and who knows how many other letters – sins – will be added?). Our nation is suffering for having decided to embrace that for which God destroyed Sodom.
Here is a view of the room where the first ever legal so-called “marriage”
took place between people of the same sex.
Four years ago, we took a group of 26 intercessors on a tour of The Netherlands. The ladies in the group found out that the hotel where we were staying was once the official city hall of Amsterdam, complete with a wedding chapel. They excitedly asked to see it. We were taken to the wedding chapel. Unknown to all of us who went to see it, that room was the place where, to our knowledge, for the first time in human history, people of the same sex “married” each other, April 1, 2001. We were standing in the very place where God’s sacred institution of marriage was first legally violated. And then we discovered that we were there in that infamous room on the 50th anniversary of the June 28, 1969 Stonewall Riots, June 28, 2019, that launched the antibiblical movement today, known as LGBT, etc.
On this day of infamy, June 28, I am not focused on homosexuals. I am focused on the church. We, as the church, are the ones who must repent. We must repent for not sufficiently speaking the truth and for allowing our culture to slide into a place where sodomites are celebrated in the streets, often marching naked (as happened the past few days) and where they chanted, “We are coming for your children.” (Organizers of the NYC parade try to minimize and make excuses for the chant, but there is nothing funny about people desiring to make victims of our children.)
This is a day for repentance. A day for silent pastors to repent. A day for intimidated church attenders who are silent to repent. A day for true Jesus followers who, in their attempt to be “nice,” have come to accept that for which God destroyed two cities. We have failed to adequately make the case for Biblical truth. We have failed to articulate the overpowering sociological and psychological evidence that affirms that those who follow God’s ways are the most healthy. We have allowed ourselves to be bullied. In the process, we, the church (or much of it), capitulated and compromised.
June 28 is a day of infamy. But it is a day for repentance. And the good news is, God responds well to authentic repentance. And on an encouraging note, the antibiblicists have overplayed their hand, and the nation is now, finally, showing signs that it has reached the breaking point (mutilation of our children, so-called “trans”) and are saying with one collective voice, “Enough is enough!”
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