Help us represent the Lord, and you, as we walk through these open (European) doors.

I cannot tell you how honored I am to partner with you in our attempt to (in the words of our official Well Versed ministry byline) “bring Biblical principles of governance to government leaders… and to the people who elect them.” Well, we have something exciting to share once again.
Several doors are opening. Most recently (again) in Europe. You helped us so much the last time this opportunity came, in February and March of this year, we met with government leaders in several nations in Europe: Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Austria, Germany, Latvia, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland (not to mention that we were also in Kosovo, Turkey, Poland, The Netherlands (Holland), Israel (Middle East), and even Panama (Central America) in the same time frame). Thank you so much for your faithful support.
To remind you of what God did, you might want to check out these newsletters:
  • An explanation of why we went to Europe
  • The fabulous ministry time in:
Romania, Macedonia and Austria
Latvia, Germany, Liechtenstein, and more on Austria
  • Then we reported about the remarkable meeting in the Knesset in Israel
  • An extended summary of the ministry opportunities on the trip
May we ask your help once again. First, will you pray, pray, pray for us – for traveling graces, for protection, for health, for physical and emotional stamina, for on time planes, for hotel rooms to be ready, for taxis to be available, for meetings to become divine appointments, and to be highly effective for the Name of Jesus? Prayer needed. Prayer requested.
Secondly, will you financially partner with us? These trips are costly. These are not tourist trips. We are in most nations only one day – in and out – to meet with government persons. We meet with persons of any political party. Our message is unchanging: the Biblical principles of governance.

We invite you to join the Europe Team by making the most generous donation you possibly can.

On this trip (arriving today) we are we going to:
  • Geneva, Switzerland – speaking at GILPP – the Geneva Institute of Leadership and Public Policy.
  • Budapest, Hungary – our 3rd time there. Well Versed was published in Hungarian.
  • Oslo, Norway – our first visit.
  • Helsinki, Finland – our first visit.
  • Vienna, Austria – attending the International Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, and a reception at the Hungarian Embassy in Vienna.
In each country, we are scheduled to meet with Members of Parliament and/or persons involved in government in some capacity. Why do we do it? To bring Biblical principles of governance. (Personal note: We will be rounding out the trip coming to/through Amsterdam, The Netherlands where our granddaughter is supposed to be born on the day we arrive. May it be so.) 
I oftentimes give my book Well Versed (which is available in English, Hungarian, Albanian, Spanish and Portuguese) to elected officials, since it lays out the Biblical foundations to 30 political topics. The book that I am currently working on (to be out the end of this year) is sort of a Well Versed, Part 2. It gives the Biblical foundations to almost 60 topics.
Coming out of these trips to Europe is a very important ministry: A once-a-month zoom call with Member of Parliament and other government officials (hopefully to begin in September). Why? As you would expect: To bring Biblical principles of governance.
My point is: God thought of government. It was His idea. He establishes nations. To the extent that a nation will follow the Biblical principles of governance, to that same extent it will reduce human pain, suffering and poverty. Help us take the Word of God regarding government to government leaders.

May I ask you to join our “Europe Team” now – by praying for us (yes, even now) and by investing financially in this endeavor.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed
Consider giving a tax-deductible donation to Well Versed, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, to continue bringing biblical principles of governance to government leaders and YOU!

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