Did you watch the "Jesus Revolution" movie? If so, listen to this.

Did you see the “Jesus Revolution” movie? So many did.
One of the key figures was Lonnie Frisbee. Many people have heard of Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie, but few know if Lonnie Frisbee. Why? The reason is, he died at a young age. Secondly, he became alienated – from time to time – with those with whom he worked.
Yet Lonnie Frisbee is THE original leader of the entire Jesus movement of the late 1960s and 1970s. Without him (unless God would have chosen someone else), there would have been no Jesus movement. But he was a complicated figure.
Hear first-hand about the remarkable and complex Lonnie Frisbee from the John Ruttkey, who was his roommate and who traveled with him for years. John will be gusty, honest and candid. Watch this video:

Jesus Revolution and the current movement of God

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