Tucker Carlson ... and the death of TRUTH in the media.

I am a news junkie and have been since August 13th as a nine year old. (I remember the day I got “hooked” on the news.) Not many will remember John Cameron Swayze, Douglas Edwards, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, Howard K. Smith, Edward R. Murrow, Eric Sevareid or Walter Cronkite, but I do. I followed them as a child and a youth. For the most part, I trusted them. And for good reason.
I do not personally know Tucker Carlson, except that we have only talked once, by phone, many years ago, when Tucker called me. That is my only interaction with him. Therefore, I do not know firsthand from interaction with him what happened regarding Tucker and Fox. However, I have talked with someone who did talk with him. What I am about to share is already public knowledge. If it were not, I would not share it here. It was not about Dominion voting machines, nor J6 videos, as some presume. Over the weekend, Tucker and Fox got into conflict over his show content. He would not back down. They would not accept it. They were at loggerheads. He quit. I suppose one could say he was fired, but it is more accurate to say he quit, or so I was told.
What is profoundly alarming is the fact that so many good ones – Tucker being the most recent and the best – have been let go IF THEY SPEAK THE TRUTH. THIS IS ALARMING. (Note: For emphasis, I will put TRUTH in all caps.) This has profound consequences for a constitutional republic. (I am not discussing here the vast majority of the news media, the MSM – such as CNN or MSNBC or ABC, CBS & NBC – as they have lost all credibility, as far as TRUTH is concerned. My focus here is on what is often labeled “conservative media.”)
Glenn Beck was probably the first major casualty of the “cancel culture,” long before that phrase was known. (Note: I know Glenn, and I have enormous respect for him, but we have never once discussed his departure from Fox.) One of the reports I heard (not from Glenn) was that “Glenn spoke about God too much.” In addition, when you consider how totally honest and revealing he was about the Deep State (which is real), it is a wonder he lasted as long as he did. Glenn Beck reported TRUTH. Glenn was exceptional. His famous blackboards revealed the evil in this world. His removal from Fox was a painful loss for our Republic.
TRUTH-teller Dan Bongino, as of last weekend, is gone from Fox, supposedly over a contract dispute. Greta Van Susteren (now on Newsmax) left Fox several years ago, saying she did not feel “at home.” (Note: I just met her husband this week, but resisted the temptation to ask him about this. I did not know him well enough to probe.) Presumably she did not leave for the same reasons Tucker did. Or I sure hope that was not the case.
Top rated Bill O’Reilly (he now has his own outlets) and lesser known Eric Bolling (now on Newsmax) were let go from Fox due to claims made against them by other persons. O’Reilly was Fox’s “anchor” show. I never met him, but those who did told me that he was – well – arrogant. However, I suppose the line between arrogance and confidence is quite thin. People who are accused of “arrogance” are frequently simply profoundly confident. But I do know this: O’Reilly was very good on air. He was remarkable. He spoke TRUTH. And he is gone. Another serious loss.
(Rush Limbaugh’s untimely departure left a void that can never be filled, but his absence is obviously under considerably different circumstances.) There have been so many others who are gone. Not only from Fox, but even from Newsmax. Why?
Steve Cortes is a friend, but I do not know why he is not at Newsmax any longer. Steve is one of the best. He is a TRUTH-teller.
Grant Stenchfield (I have only met him once, and interviewed him once, so I do not know him well at all) was very good. He is also a TRUTH-teller. He is gone. Why? (Allegedly, he was fired because he would not attack Tucker Carlson, on another network!)
Sean Spicer (I do not know him) is gone, allegedly due to a contract dispute. Lyndsay Keith (she is a friend; she has high integrity; I so respect her) is gone, although I do not know why. Both were very good. They spoke TRUTH.
Rob Schmitt is the best “up-and-comer” in my opinion on Newsmax. Unless he gets dumped for speaking so boldly, he will go far. He is smart. He is hard hitting. He is a TRUTH-teller. He is engaging.
But back to Tucker and the key issue: So many who speak TRUTH – real TRUTH – get axed. There were so many nights that when Tucker finished his opening monologue I would think – and sometimes say out loud to my wife – “I wonder how long he will be able to tell the truth like this.” I was genuinely concerned for his physical safety. The radical Leftists play dirty. They would love to “take him out.”

Frankly, he was the most “content rich” news show on TV. I marveled at his content. I tried to analyze how he was able to pack so much in such a short time. His research and writing team are the best I have ever observed on TV. I was stunned that they could produce shows – including the opening monologue – on a daily basis. That is hard to do. No other show could come even close to them.

Frankly, I thought he would continue on the air, as far as the network was concerned. Afterall, he was the No 1 rated news show in all of cable television.

The loss of Tucker on Fox is a profound loss for America, and for TRUTH. (Please see Chapter 29 in my book, Well Versed: Biblical Answers to Today’s Tough Issues, in which I made a plea for an honest media.)
When he posted a video on twitter a few days ago, it had over 50 million views (the last time I checked). He will go on – on his own. No, he will not be on Newsmax, as many suggest. They can’t afford him. He is bigger than Newsmax. He will find some outlet. However, it may be hard to have the impact independently, that he once had on Fox. Yes, I know Joe Rogan has 11 million, but this is hard to do. There are about 11 million other podcasts that you have never heard of, because they never made it. Tucker will “land on his feet,” but this is a tragic moment in our nation.

Tucker spoke TRUTH. And he is gone. He was silenced. Censored. Muzzled. So much for an “independent” news source. That is a staggering loss for America. This may be remembered as the day that TRUTH (as far as the media is concerned) died.The one bit of good news? TRUTH, even when forced underground, has a way of eventually breaking through the surface and rising again. And it will.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed

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