European Tour - Part 4

As we continue our "Well Versed Biblical principles of governance" tour through Europe, we invite you to read Dr. Garlow's updates from Latvia.
RIGA, LATVIA (City of 1 million - Capital of Latvia): In the remarkable nation of Latvia. Once oppressed by the Russians, then by the Nazis, then by the Russians again, for 45 years, they are now free and rightly proud of their nation.Here we are in the Prayer Chapel of the Parliament, listening to Jolanta Gulbe-Paskevica sing the National Anthem. It is actually a prayer. Here is part of the translation:
“God bless Latvia!
God bless Latvia,
Our beloved fatherland,
Do bless Latvia, Oh, do bless it!
Oh, do bless it!"
Click here to watch her pray
RIGA, LATVIA: Our “Well Versed - Bringing Biblical Principles of Governance to Government Leaders European Tour” took us to Latvia, a nation of approximately 2 million, in far northeast Europe. Add this to your list of nations to watch for. And given the fact that Russia shares a border with them, and has overrun them twice, pray for this wonderful country.
RIGA, LATVIA: We arrived in Latvia after significant snowfall the day before.
RIGA, LATIVA: What a privilege to speak to (and then pray for) leaders from all over Latvia organizing significant prayer events for government and government leaders.
RIGA, LATVIA: This remarkable woman is Inessa Slesers, a leader of leaders, and a powerful woman of prayer, a passionate worshipper of Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, and was our gracious hostess for the day. She is a former Member of Parliament. (For those of you not oriented to Europe, think “Congress.”)Her husband, Ainars Slesers, (also pictured) is a Member of Parliament, the former Minister of Transportation and also the former Minister of Economy. He also founded the highly successful “Latvia First” political party. (Sound anything like someone who said “American First?”)Their son is also a Member of Parliament, the only family with such a distinction. This family so loves their wonderful country.
In the last few days, God has allowed us to be in the following counties, admittedly an extremely fast paced, whirlwind tour. We are so thankful for this unprecedented and unrepeatable trip.

The Well Versed mission?
“To bring Biblical principles of governance to government leaders.”
Nations we have been in/passed through -
One in Central America:
All the others in Europe:
The Netherlands
And then Middle East:
Rosemary Schindler Garlow is collecting flags from each nation (here she is with the flag of Latvia) and will take them to Jerusalem where she will present the flag of each country to the Lord to be a “sheep nation” (Matthew 25), or righteous nation. Following that is the Latvia National Anthem sung by Jolanta Gulbe-Paskevica, followed by my prayer for Latvia.
Watch the video here
RIGLA, LATVIA. The Parliament Building. The 100 Member Parliament meets in this Assembly Room.
We had the privilege of spending time in Germany.
Brandenburg Gate - Berlin, Germany.
BERLIN, GERMANY. Before the laws of antiquity were passed (late 1940s), the Germans (they developed the science of archaeology in the late 1880s) hauled away everyone’s treasures. Here is the Gate of Ishtar (goddess of sexuality and war) from Babylon during the time of Nebuchadnezzar II. Daniel and his three friends would have seen this stunning blue-tiled gate. (Originals are mixed in with replicated ones.)
Watch the video here
BERLIN, GERMANY. In 1977, as a graduate student, I went to what was then East Germany. I visited the Pergamon Altar, which had been taken by German archaeologists (Germany developed the science of archaeology in the late 1800s) before the laws of antiquity (approximately 1947) prevented removing artifacts from sites without permission. The pagan altar was removed from Turkey. Pergamon is one of the locations of the “Seven Churches of Revelation” mentioned in the final book of the Bible. (We visited them last August.) When we got to the Pergamon Museum today, we were informed that the altar is under renovation, and was closed, thus we did not get to see what I had seen in 1977, and again in 1995. But here is a picture of it.
(Note: If you want to understand present day America, in light of Ancient Greece and Turkey, read Jonathan Cahn’s remarkable book “The Return of the Gods.” That will explain exactly what is occurring in modern America.)
BERLIN, GERMANY. Portions of ancient Babylon in the Pergamon Museum.
See the video here
Look carefully. Notice the narrow cobblestone “path” which is barely visible in the asphalt. That is where the Berlin Wall was, until 1989. When I first came to East Germany in 1977, we went into the Communist controlled part of Germany for one week. When we passed through “Checkpoint Charlie” I found it very intimidating, actually frightening. We were SO happy to leave that area a week later.
This is right beside the famous Brandenburg Gate where John Kennedy said (in German) “I am a Berliner!” And where Ronald Reagan said, “Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”Look at the marking of the base of the wall one more time. MANY PEOPLE WERE SHOT OR ELECTROCUTED RIGHT AT THIS LOCATION, DESPERATELY TRYING TO ESCAPE COMMUNISM AND EXPERIENCE FREEDOM.This is a sacred place.
This is our new friend Christian Grewing who faithfully spiritually ministers the love of Jesus Christ to the 735 Members of the German Parliament who work in the building pictured in the heart of Berlin.
Light snow in Berlin. Watch the video here.
We visited the beautiful country of Austria.
Town square - Vienna, Austria - See here.
Now in Vienna, Austria. Met with former Senator Josef Hochtl, and President of the Austrian Society for Better Understanding, and with Dr Christoph Karlsboeck, a dentist, who at age 18 won an election as a Member of the District Parliament in Vienna, and who, as a young man, has his sights set on the National Parliament.
Cathedral of Vienna, Austria… and remarkable statue portraying:
-God the Father, Creator
- God the Son, Redeemer
- God the Spirit, Sanctifier.
Most recently, we traveled to Liechtenstein.
VADUZ, LIECHTENSTEIN. An absolutely delightful lunch with Prince Nicholas and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein. What a joy!
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