European Tour - Part 3

We are continuing our "Well Versed Biblical principles of governance" tour of many European countries.

We want to tell you about our time in Romania.
The largest building in the world is the Pentagon in Washington DC. The second largest building in the world is the Parliament in Bucharest Romania. It is enormous. It took almost a decade to build. It was started under the horrific dictator, Ceausescu. This Communist dictator was removed from power and executed on December 25, 1989. He had caused such horrific harm, torture and death to so many. He only lived long enough to see on room fully completed. The building is stunning. It is massive. It’s one of the most exquisite structures I’ve ever seen. I had the privilege of speaking there today.
It was such a blessing and an honor to be able to address some of the Members of the Parliament at the Capitol Building in Bucharest Romania. They graciously blessed me by inviting me back later this year.These men and women were such an encouragement to me.
This is Titus Corlatean, former Minister of Foreign Affairs for Romania, and currently the Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee and Member of the Senate of Romania. He is the one who introduced me today. He is a discerning and godly leader.
This is Representative Robert Sighiartau, a Member and of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania. He is one of the most impressive (intellectually, emotionally, spiritually) young government officials I have ever met. There are 136 Members in the Senate of Romania and 330 Members in the House of Deputies in Romania. He served as our host in the Parliament Building (pictured behind us).
This is Dr Mihnea Costoiu, President of the University Politehnica of Bucharest, with 35,000 students, and he is President of the organization for all the universities in Europe. He is the former Minister of Education of Romania. A humble, yet brilliant man.
This was our spectacular, gracious and highly organized host in Romania. We are on an 11 nation tour. We were only in Romania for 21 hours. You cannot believe all that we covered in 21 hours thanks to this man. Dr Paul Negrut founded Emmanuel College “underground,” in 1985, when it was illegal. He could have been killed for it. When the viscous Communist dictator Ceausescu fell and was executed, only then was it safe to operate “above ground” and to be registered. This is a bold and courageous man. He is profoundly spiritually insightful.
This was our wonderful driver in Romania. The Parliament provided him and a wonderful van to get us to so many places in the shortest possible time.
We had the privilege of spending time in Macedonia.
Training believers in Macedonia regarding application of the Biblical principles of civil governance, thinking Scripturally with regard to political issues, taking Jesus into the voting booth, and being open to run for office.
A long meeting in Skopje Macedonia with Dr Ljupcho Ristovski (Professor of Political Science and Theology), leader of the INTEGRA political party, along with the former Minister of the Interior and a former mayor, strategizing how to establish Biblical principles of governance in an Eastern European (former Soviet atheist) nation.
The largest statue in the world, I was told: Alexander the Great - in the city square in the heart of Skopje Macedonia. (Note: The name ”North” Macedonia was forced on them by the U.S., the E.U., NATO in 2019 out of deference to Greece. Macedonians resent the “North” adjective. So I chose to honor them and leave off “North.”)
Now in Austria. Met with former Senator Josef Hochtl, and President of the Austrian Society for Better Understanding, and with Dr Christoph Karlsboeck, a dentist, who at age 18 won an election as a Member of the District Parliament in Vienna, and who, as a young man, has his sights set on the National Parliament.
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