Why You Should Vote Democrat... (Keep Reading!)

We are not partisan. I have confronted – face to face – numerous Republicans running for office who have stood for wrong values. I have worked hard to defeat some Republicans. Why? Because they defied God’s ways. I have been open about my criticism of some within the Republican Party. My commitment is to Scripture. My commitment is to Biblical principles of governance.
In this article, however, I am going to focus on Democrats.
Here is my advice: You Need to Vote Democrat… if…. (keep reading)

Based on history and the present reality, you need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Higher prices.
  • Continuing inflation.
  • Exorbitantly high national debt.
  • Rapidly rising cost of food.
  • Increasing cost of gasoline.
  • Our nation to be dependent on our enemies for energy.
  • The U.S. not to be energy independent, despite our vast reserves.
  • Your retirement to diminish.
  • Young people not to be able to buy homes.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Drag queens telling stories to children.
  • Gross and graphic homosexual acts taught to kindergartners.
  • Your children to decide to change their “gender” in grade school and then have the children taken away from their parents if parents don’t comply.
  • If you want your daughters to be taken for abortions without you knowing it as a parent.
  • School boards to be against parents.
  • School boards to allow and encourage pornography, but shut the microphone off and have the parent removed if a parent dares to read that same school approved pornography at a school board meeting.
  • Parents to be viewed as domestic terrorists if they care about what their children are learning.
  • The view to prevail that the children actually belong to the teachers.
  • Leftist, radical teachers' unions to control the education of your children.
  • Teachers' unions to refuse to teach for many months (two years?) claiming “Covid,” while demanding their pay, then demanding subsidy from the Federal Government, and then denying that they objected to teaching.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Criminals let back on the street.
  • Murderers set free within 24 hours.
  • A vice presidential candidate – later Vice President – who helped raise bail money to let violent criminals out who were burning, rioting, and looting our cities.
  • A presidential candidate – later occupant of the White House – who refused to condemn burning, looting, rioting, and murder in the streets of America in 2020 for over 100 days.
  • Soros-backed, hate-America, anti-law, pro-criminal district attorneys to be elected.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • God’s definition of one man-one woman marriage destroyed.
  • To support that for which God destroyed Sodom.
  • To defy God’s declaration that there are only two genders: male and female.
  • Perversion and debauchery to flourish in our streets with great “pride.”
  • For men to call themselves women and continue to bully girls in sports, and in some cases rape girls in the locker rooms and bathrooms, while the girls who protest are thrown out of their own locker rooms.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Babies to be dismembered in the womb, torn limb for limb, and their spinal cords cut, all done with no anesthesia.
  • Babies – in some cases – to be left to die after failed abortions.
  • Parents to have the option to terminate the life of a baby, that is, kill the baby, up to 28 days after birth, if they decide they do not want him or her.
  • Innocent babies to be killed in the womb while protecting criminals on the streets.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • To defund the police.
  • To have rioters attack police stations and defend them for doing it.
  • Crime to increase.
  • Your neighborhoods to be terrorized by criminals.
  • To have stores vandalized, justifying it as reparations.
  • Criminals not to be arrested or prosecuted so long as they steal less than $1,000 at a time.
  • To replace police with social workers.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • No borders for our nation.
  • Anyone – criminal or otherwise – to come in, without knowing who they are.
  • For you, as a citizen, to have to comply with strict Covid overregulation, while illegal immigrants don’t have to comply at all.
  • Illegal immigrants shipped to your community by the Federal Government with no warning to your Governor or Mayor.
  • Liberal communities to claim they are “sanctuary cities,” but protest when illegal immigrants are brought to their community.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • All Whites to be viewed as racists and oppressors.
  • All Blacks to be perceived as oppressed and thus incapable of “climbing the ladder.”
  • Asian-Americans to be punished for scoring high on college entrance exams.
  • All persons who have worked hard to accumulate some wealth to be viewed as “privileged,” a pejorative, disdainful term.
  • All standard curriculum – including math – to be viewed as inherently racist.
  • To exploit race against race.
  • Your party to talk a lot about the poor, but at the same time create policies that make them permanently poor.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Cancel culture to thrive.
  • Religious liberty destroyed.
  • To squelch free speech.
  • To silence anyone who questions the results of an election.
  • To arrest people who support the defense of the most innocent among us, the unborn.
  • The weaponizing of national law enforcement, thus they break down doors of law-abiding citizens to intimidate them.
  • The main street media to be the public relations department for your Democrat Party.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • To buy into the fearmongering of climate change (as opposed to a sane and sound approach to scientifically grounded “Creation Care”).
  • The nation’s infrastructure to be destroyed due to lack of the use of fossil fuels.
  • The nation to experience an energy crisis when they discover what we already know, that renewables are woefully inadequate to meet our future needs.
  • Our nation to become a third-world nation.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • The government to force you to put something in your body you do not want.
  • The government to lie about the origin of Covid.
  • The government to lie about the effectiveness of the so-called vaccine.
  • The government to lie about the harmful impact of the so-called vaccine.
  • The government to censor, muzzle, and even jail doctors who point out the results of their research regarding Covid and the so-called vaccine.
  • The “governmental-medical cabal” to silence any opposition.
  • Medical freedom to end.
  • Totalitarianism to overtake the medical community as well.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • The mentally ill and drug addicted to take control of and destroy our neighborhoods.
  • To not deal wisely and forcefully with the filth, feces, crime, disease, and murder in homeless encampments.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Congress to spend all its time on a manufactured lie about Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election.
  • Congress to spend all its time impeaching a President – not once, but twice – because they hate his popularity.
  • Congress to do everything it can to disallow and open investigation of the 2020 election.
  • Cabinet members who look right at Members of Congress and lie (“The border is secure”).
  • Nominees to the Supreme Court who do not know what a woman is because she is “not a biologist.”
  • Two states added to the Union simply because your party cannot win any other way.
  • Several justices added to the Supreme Court because your party simply cannot win any other way.
  • A Department of Justice which violates the law anytime it chooses to, including the failure to protect pro-life pregnancy centers from firebombing and attacks, or protecting the homes of Supreme Court Justices.
  • An FBI which was once so respected, but which now kicks down the doors of political opponents as a show of force.
  • Totalitarian authoritarianism in this nation, while chanting “Democracy is at stake.”
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum to run your country.
  • George Soros and his ilk to rob the nation of sovereignty.
  • Mark Zuckerberg to control elections with his massive wealth.
  • Globalism, that is, one world government, rather than national sovereignty.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • To announce that you are ashamed of America.
  • To be part of a party which considered voting “God” out of its party platform.
  • Capitalism to be destroyed by excessive overregulation.
  • Entrepreneurs to be penalized for being productive.
  • Socialism.
  • Excessive taxation and hyperregulation.
  • Unelected bureaucrats to run the nation with laws which were not passed by elected representatives.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • The military to be “neutered.”
  • The military to be transgendered, more concerned with wearing high heels than fighting a war.
  • The military to be more focused on affirming homosexuals than defending the nation.
  • China to continue to exercise and radically increase its influence globally, with no checks from the (once strong) U.S.
  • Iran to be supported in its exporting of terrorism globally.
  • North Korea to continue to fire missiles.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Israel to have to stand alone.
  • To falsely accuse Israel of apartheid.
  • A “two-state solution” which will make it impossible for Israel to defend itself.
  • Iran to be equipped with nuclear capabilities, whose goal is to destroy Israel and the U.S.
  • Plane loads of billions of dollars of cash flown to Iran from the U.S.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • A President who is severely cognitively declined, a continual embarrassment to our nation.
  • A Vice President who is profoundly ignorant, a continual embarrassment to our nation.
  • A Speaker of the House who is frequently incoherent.
  • A Senate Majority Leader who is obsessively and irrationally partisan.
You need to vote Democrat if you want:
  • Political elites who make rules for you, but don’t follow them themselves.
  • Elected officials who destroy computer evidence and have no consequences.
  • To destroy this nation.
(Note: the above is based on the Democratic platform, and positions held by many high-level Democrat elected officials.)
And if…if…if you vote Republican, you (assuming you care about Biblical values) need to make sure your candidate adheres to Scriptural truth. For example, 47 Republican Members of the House of Representatives (that is 22% of them) recently voted for that for which God destroyed Sodom.
Thus, the ultimate issue is not whether one is Democrat or Republican. The ultimate issue is this: Is the elected official in conformity with the One who invented government and Who establishes nations?
To the extent that a nation follows the Biblical principles of governance, to that extent there is a reduction of human pain, suffering, and poverty. To the extent that a nation refuses to follow the Biblical principles of governance, to that extent there will be an increase in human pain, suffering, and poverty.
Simply stated, God is loving. He wants our communities and nations to flourish, to have tranquility, peace, and to prosper. He did not write “the book,” and then say, “Oh wow, I forgot about the whole government thing!”
God knows best, even when it comes to government. His ways are always righteous and holy. The Bible has the life-giving foundations for all our governmental and political issues.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed



Stephanie Jeong - November 10th, 2022 at 2:26am

If the Republican Party wants to win, "Why You Should Vote Democrat" should be printed as a flyer and passed out.

Nathan Meir Schrover - December 4th, 2022 at 11:23am

Bs'd. My name is Nathan Meir Schrover and my wife Chana and i residing in our Jewish Home Land. We are orthodox Jews and involved in the protection of human life (born and especially unborn). At the moment we are busy to establish a new Chapter of the Jewish Pro Life Foundation - chaired by Mrs. Cecily Routman - in Israel. We are also in the process of forming a Board of Trustees or International Board of Governors. We should like to come into contact with Dr. Jim Garlow and Mrs. Schindler Garlow. You can reach us thru Signal or Telegram 00972-53-7212068 or email. By the way: "why you need to vote Democrat" is an excellent piece! As we say here: Kol HaKawod! All honor! Nathan Meir Schrover






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