A Bold Houston Pastor Takes on California Governor Gavin Newsom - BIG TIME

Have you heard of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s obsession with abortion? I want to tell you what Pastor Steve Riggle of Houston is doing to take on Newsom. This is big. But first, some background.


I receive Kristan Hawkins' “Students for Life” email newsletter. (By the way, you need to receive these newsletters as well. She and her organization are remarkable. We have interviewed her on the World Prayer Network.)
Let me ask you a question: When Kristan and the pro-life students set up pro-life displays on university campuses, why do radicals come and tear the displays down, then spit, punch, kick, hit, injure, and attack the pro-lifers? Why? Why do they do that? The short answer is – and you may not like this answer – that they are demonized. If the “secularists” read this (and they might) or the radical leftists see this (and they likely will), they will mock what I am saying. That is to be expected. A mocking spirit always mocks, and always defends demonic activity.


How do we know they are demonized? They cannot stand life. They cannot stand the thoughts of a life being saved. They want death. Why? Because the Enemy comes to “steal, kill and destroy.” (“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I [Jesus] have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10. By the way, some have made the claim of the significance of the announcement of the overturning of Roe v. Wade being announced on June 24, 2022 at a specific time, that is, 10:10am, as in John 10:10.) That is how you know what is demonic versus what is of Christ. The spirit of the demonic wants death. Jesus brings life.
For many Saturdays when I lived in Dallas/Ft. Worth, I marched and prayed in front of the abortuaries – the killing centers – wanting to see the spirit of death brought down. I observed the pro-abortionists. They were inherently militant, and were almost always angry.


They are obsessed. Joe Biden says his top priority – get that, his top priority – for next year, is killing babies. It is not inflation, grocery prices, gas prices, energy independence, the border, crime, national defense, China, Russian, North Korea, Iran or any other thing. It is killing more babies.


Tragically, that militant, murderous mood persists today, not only in the White House, but in the Governor of California in Sacramento. Gavin Newsom has set up signs saying “Welcome to California where ABORTION IS SAFE AND LEGAL.”
It is legal? Yes. Is it safe? No, not for the baby. It is horrifically and barbarically painful. Imagine a person being cut to shreds with no anesthesia.
And what about the mother? It is harmful? Very harmful. Check this out. Abortion harms women. Science confirms it. Deniers refuse to accept it.
However, that does not stop Gavin Newsom. He is determined to kill babies and harm women. He is promoting Proposition 1 in California, to enshrine it as a Constitutional right to kill babies, and what’s more, to make it an import business. His determination goes further than California. He is fiercely committed to kill the babies in your state as well, wherever you live. How do we know?
Newsom is now placing signs in Red States – that is, pro-life states – across America, inviting people to come to California to kill their offspring.
Oh, but there’s more. Newsom invokes a New Testament verse to support the slaughter of innocents. The billboards read “Need an abortion? California is ready to help.” Then Mark 12:31 is added, “Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no greater commandment than these.”
This is profoundly shocking, sheer mockery of the intent of the verse. If Newsom had one wit of spiritual sense, he would know that one’s “neighbor” includes the baby in the womb. If Newsom was coherent and logically consistent, his billboards would have said, “Hate your closest neighbor. Abort him or her. Kill them.”


Newsom doesn’t get it. Why not? Because sin dulls. It dulls the conscience. It dulls the mind. Radical leftist, anarchist ideas are the result of a spiritual and mental illness. Calling a man a woman is irrational. Men dressing up in “drag” and reading stories to children is evil. Mutilating body parts in children – thinking they can “trans” or change – defies all logic. They remain forever either XX (female) or XY (male). The notion that one can “transition” is demented thinking. Sin does that. It makes people sick, not merely spiritually and psychologically, but mentally. (That mental illness is why these same people cry, “Defund the police,” and then set the violent free from our prisons, but that is another topic.)
It is irrational to take the most innocent human beings and cut them to shreds. Who does that? Sick people. Mentally ill people. The Governor of California and the occupant of the White House are consumed with the same “spirit” that consumed Herod in Matthew 2:16-18 when he was obsessed with killing babies. Hitler is the classic, modern-day example of slaughter. Demonic people want to kill. Throughout history, there have been those who arranged the slaughter of millions. You see, to Gavin Newsom, 62 million babies killed is just not enough. He wants more innocent blood to flow under the streets of my city, and yours too.


It is abnormal for a mother or father to kill their offspring. Most all species in the animal kingdom protect their young. When I was growing up on my family's farm in Kansas and we were farrowing sows (that means, pigs birthing piglets), if we had a sow (mother pig) which devoured its offspring, we got rid of that sow immediately. That animal was an outlier of nature. She was operating in violation of the reason for which she was created.
Men, built with an inherent, God-given, protectionist instinct, should want to defend their offspring. But, other than the obvious demonic explanation, why don’t they? Why do male Members of our Congress seem so passionately pro-abortion? Let me suggest another reason.


I will not attempt to speak with a broad brush, but allow me to suggest a very viable reason why some men are passionately pro-abortion. They – that is, immoral men – want to have the ability to “cover their tracks” of their own promiscuity. I would wonder – out loud, right now – how many male Members of Congress or state legislators or even judges who support abortion have been or are involved in adultery or fornication (now those are two words we don’t hear much anymore) and thus, support abortion so that they can kill (literally) the results of their sinful acts. If a conception takes place as a result of them having sex outside of marriage, they always have the “safety net” of abortion to “destroy the evidence.” Just asking for a friend, you understand.


What do we do about it? Well, first, become informed on the issues surrounding the killing of preborn babies. Talk. Talk boldly to others. Reach out in love to single women who are pregnant, finding ways to help them make the right choice and not kill their offspring.
(And while we are on this topic: Don’t let people hide behind the “except in cases of rape” excuse. Make the case as to why the baby should never bear the brunt of a horrific act done that violates a woman. Helping her to have an abortion only compounds an already severely painful situation. As I noted in my book, Well Versed (with the permission of the birth mother), one of my adopted daughters was conceived as a result of a gang rape. That terrified and lonely 14-year-old girl made the right choice, through a challenging pregnancy, and delivered her precious baby girl. That birth mom – whom we now know – is a hero to us. That baby is now grown up and is a powerful servant of Almighty God, and an exceptional wife and mother.)
Bottom line: become informed. Vote.
Pastor Steve Riggle
Now back to the subject line about a Houston pastor. Steve Riggle, pastor of Grace Church in The Woodlands, Texas, and President of the Grace International Network of 4,600 churches worldwide, decided to answer Gavin Newsom’s evil ways. Listen to his sermon here.
He not only preached about it. He said, in effect, “we are not going to take this sitting down.” What did he do? He is answering Gavin Newsom’s billboard with – you got it – billboards.
And Pastor Steve isn’t stopping with one billboard. There are 32 up now, and two more are about to go up. Fourteen are in Houston. Two are in El Paso. One is in San Antonio. One is in Dallas. One is in Manchester, New Hampshire. There are some in Wisconsin: three in Waupaca, two in New London, and six in Wisconsin Rapids. Two are in Arizona: one in Gilbert and one in Lake Havasu.


Most exciting is the fact that some of these pro-life billboards are in Gavin Newsom’s state. Two are in the Hacienda Heights area of Los Angeles. And, Pastor Steve is expanding the reach of the signs. There are four more boards under consideration in California: Corona, Modesto, and two in the San Francisco Bay Area. Gavin Newsom is going to have Pastor Steve’s billboards literally in his own backyard, bringing the total number of pro-life billboards to 38.
In addition, a few of the billboards are in Spanish. Given the fact that Hispanics overwhelmingly love their children and do not kill their offspring, this could get even more interesting.


Oh, but there’s more. Pastor Steve and Grace Church have produced a video. Watch it here:
Simply put, Steve takes the view that “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” He acted.


Now, I ask for your response. Will you forward this newsletter to your friends? Also, will you post the video of the children saying “Vote for me,” the six-minute video of Pastor Steve preaching, and the picture of the billboard on your social media? If you want to put up a pro-life billboard in your city, contact Shari May at sharimay@gracewoodlands.com. You will be provided with the billboard artwork for free, and then advised on how to proceed. We must push back against the dark, murderous spirit.
There was once a time when slavery was considered acceptable. People pushed back. Now it is known that it is not okay to enslave people.
Someday in America, there will be tours of the killing centers – just as there are tours in Germany of the Concentration Camps and the Death Camps – and grandchildren will ask their grandparents, “What did you do to try to stop this torture and murder?”
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Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed


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