Immigration Issues - With Esther Valdes Clayton

Can SOMEBODY make sense of the immigration situation? The answer is yes. Attorney Esther Valdes Clayton is the clearest thinker on the topic. She is an immigration attorney. Thus, you might think that she is an “open-border” leftist. Not at all. She sees the damage of having no border. At the same time, she sees the value of legal immigration.
Esther Valdes Clayton as guest on KUSI
But more – and so much more – importantly, she has Biblical and theological insights on what is happening. She will give you a distinctly spiritual view that no one else is talking about. Frankly, I had never heard these points from any other “expert” on the topic. She is brilliant and insightful.
Alejandro Mayorkas
Attorney Esther Vales Clayton’s insights are in contrast to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. If I may be candid, in my following the political realm all my life, since age nine, I have never seen a cabinet level official so blatantly lie. With all of us aware that thousands are pouring across the border every day, Mayorkas sits in front of Congress and says, with a straight face, “the border is secure.”
I grew up in a home where we were not allowed to call someone a liar, but I am going to have to violate my childhood upbringing and say that Mr. Mayorkas is… a liar. It is painful to watch him speak. If I were to present a “Deception Award” to a member of government today, it would go to Mayorkas. (I urge us to pray for him, that he would repent of the blatant deception).
Esther Valdes is the exact opposite. She is honest and trustworthy. I so wish she was the Secretary of Homeland Security. The immigration disaster would be solved. The border would be secure. And legal – repeat, legal – immigration would be occurring.
Esther on set of KUSI
I had the privilege of being her pastor. She is the real deal, an authentic and passionate follower of Jesus. She is also articulate. She is constantly being interviewed by TV stations in the San Diego area. In addition, she is an elected official. She knows what it means to be in public service as a member of a school board.
I am sending you two links to watch. The first one is 10 minutes long when she shared at the FUTURE Conference in Washington, D.C. CLICK HERE to listen to it!
I am also sending you a much longer and profoundly powerful interview we did with her on the World Prayer Network. Regretfully, for reasons we don’t understand, we lost about 10 or more minutes of her conversation with us, right in the middle of her interview. Frankly, it was one of the finest interviews I have heard. She was remarkable. Since she was talking extemporaneously, with no notes, she could not go back and re-record the lost minutes. That is regretful. However, the rest of what she said is so good, we decided to keep it, even though there is a 10-or-more-minute gap missing in the middle. I think you will find her to be the clearest thinker on this topic. And Biblical too! CLICK HERE to listen.
I encourage you to have Esther come speak in-person or via Zoom to your church, small group, or gathering. Please email with "Esther" in the subject line if you are interested in hosting her, and we will connect you.

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