Supreme Court Rulings - Religious Freedom and Reigning in Bureaucrats

There are two recent Supreme Court rulings regarding religious liberty that should be so encouraging to you!  

The decision to defend the high school football coach’s right to kneel and pray on the gridiron goes way beyond the actions of Coach Kennedy of Washington State - it impacts all of us. Listen to Attorney Kelly Shackelford explain this wonderful high court decision:
Attorney Kelly Shackelford - Prayer On The Field

Oh, but there is more. Much more. The ruling from the State of Maine, known as the “Carson Case,” impacts far more than one Christian school. This is a vindication for so many Christian schools. Listen to Attorney William Jeynes. You will be so encouraged by these two reports.
Attorney William Jeynes - The Carson Case in Maine

While we are on a roll, can we share some more good news? For years, we have needed to reign in the unelected bureaucrats that are actually running the nation. These career government officials have been making rulings that go way beyond any power and authority afforded to them by the U.S. Constitution. Listen to Attorney Joe Infranco bring you some very good news!
Attorney Joe Infranco - Reigning In The Bureaucrats
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