The Red Heifer - In Texas!

I want to tell you about a red cow. Well, actually a red heifer. (A cow is a bovine, as in cattle, that has given birth. A heifer is a bovine that has not given birth.)
Numbers 19:1-10 is the remarkable story of a red heifer. Many in the Jewish community have anticipated a time when a spotless, perfect, red heifer will be found. This has profound significance to what would follow in world events.
Well, it is possible that that this red heifer has been located. Maybe. We don’t know for certain quite yet. My wife Rosemary and I flew to Texas just to see what might be “the red heifer.”
While preparing this newsletter, we received this text from our friend Caz Taylor:

"Jim and Rosemary,
you may be interested in yesterday‘s post from Byron Stinson.
I think the name of the airline and it’s flight number have particular prophetic significance. Buckle up. History is in the making. Here is yesterday’s Byron Stinson’s post…"

……………. "It is an exciting morning here in Jerusalem! About 5 minutes ago we received confirmation that the 5 Red Heifers (EDITORS NOTE: They have decided to send several heifers which at this moment appear to be “perfect” since many of them due to later flaws or an injury may disqualify themselves) from Texas are on board an American Airlines 777, bound for Ben Gurion airport. This is a great sense of relief.

The journey to get the cows to Israel has been incredible. Filled with ups and downs. Elation and deflation. Stress and joy. I want to thank the Boneh Israel team for all the hard work, dedication and time volunteered to honor our Father in heaven by this work. I won't name you all. But I have a list on my desk. And I am praying and thanking God for each of you right now. Sleep well in Texas, NY, Washington, Canada, Israel, Belgium, London, Oklahoma, and last but far from least, California.

I will say a special thank you to our ranchers. Ty and Jerome you both raise beautiful red cows. Thank you and your families for the blessings of those cows and much more. Especially just getting to know you.

Thank you to the Rabbis from the Temple Mount Institute in JERUSALEM for flying to Texas and inspecting the cows. We know you will take great care of them."

Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed

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