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You’ve heard these tired, worn out lines, haven’t you? “Christians should not be involved in politics,” “Politics is dirty,” “Pastors should stay out of politics,” “There are two things you should never discuss: politics and religion,” “Everyone knows there should be ‘separation of church and state,’” “History proves that religion and government can’t mix,” “Those Christians are just Dominionists,” “You are trying to create a theocracy,” “You are trying to wrap the Bible in the flag,” “You just one of those Christian Nationalists,” (I will write more on the phrase “Christian Nationalist” at a later time).
Gallery (left to right): Marco Contreras, Tag Green, James Taylor, David Daubenspeck, Terri Hasdorff
Are those statements true? No, not really. To gain perspective on these and related questions, listen to Marco Contreras, Tag Green, James Taylor, David Daubenspeck and Terri Hasdorff, by clicking here.

And see the Scriptural Summary below:
Dr. Jim Garlow
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