Taxes and Their Impact

The reason that Well Versed exists is to bring Biblical principles of governance to government leaders, and the people who elect them. Our "North Star" is not the Republican or Democratic parties, or any other political party. Our ultimate and only source is the Scripture. That raises an obvious question: Does the Bible speak to the issue of taxes?

The short answer is "yes." Even Jesus, in conversation, spoke of taxation. (For a full discussion on what the Bible says about taxes, see my book, Well Versed, Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues.)

Here is a quick Scriptural summary regarding taxes and taxation:
Have you heard about the 87,000 new agents that the IRS hired? What does this mean for the average American like you and I? Why does it appear that, as our taxes continue to rise, our national debt continues to rise as well? To what extent should the American government be allowed to tax its citizens?
Grover Norquist
Grover Norquist joins us on the World Prayer Network to discuss these important issues and more, addressing: what is happening nationally in America with regards to our taxes; reflecting on our history, and how America is a nation that was essentially built upon a tax revolt; more details about the 87,000 new IRS agents; and how taxes are not just a political issue but a Biblical, Scriptural, theological, moral, and ethical issue that God speaks to in His Word and that every Christian should care about.

Listen to Grover Norquist on the WPN here:
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