Ohio State Legislators Meet the Canadian Pastors They Are Defending.

This was one of the most amazing World Prayer Network interviews we have ever done. Three Ohio State legislators (along with other co-sponsors) passed a resolution calling for Canada to be put on a “Watch List” for violations of religious liberties.  (Read more about it here)  Why is this a big deal? Well, by passing the resolution, the Ohio legislators were rightfully warning Canadian officials that Canada could be put on a religious freedom watch list. No country – especially Canada – wants the international and political reputation as practicing discrimination, even if they are outright divisive.

The original sponsor of the resolution was Ohio State Representative Reggie Stoltzfus. He was joined by Ohio House Speaker Pro Tempore Tim Ginter (who is a pastor) and Representative Gary Click (who is also a pastor) and several others. I had the privilege of interviewing them about this extremely important legislation.

These legislators have been defending persecuted and imprisoned Canadian pastors whom they had never even met or spoken with before... until this WPN call. I am inviting Pastor Artur Pawlowski (who was arrested 16 times for having church services and feeding the poor) and Pastor Henry Hildebrandt (who has experienced excessive fines for holding church services), both from Canada, to come on the call. They all met each other for the first time, and when they did, it was a moving moment.

Here are the Ohio legislators who were on the World Prayer Network call: (State Reps. Reggie Stoltzfus, Gary Click, and House Speaker Pro-Tem Tim Ginter)
Here are the Canadian pastors who were on the World Prayer Network call:
(Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, respectively)
When we reported on the jailed Canadian pastors in a newsletter several months ago, we encouraged you to phone Premier Jason Kenney of the Province of Canada by calling his office at (780) 427-2251 (Edmonton) or (780) 427-2711 (outside Alberta) or by emailing him at premier@gov.ab.ca and ask that he stop persecuting and imprisoning pastors for having church services and taking care of the poor. He has become profoundly despotic and tyrannical. It is time to express your holy outrage of this gross injustice.
Update on September 2, 2022:  Since many of you began contacting him, the main culprit, Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta Canada, has resigned. We are not sure of the official reasons for his resignation, but the fact that he has stepped down is is a good thing.

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