Food Shortages In America

Like you, I do not enjoy hearing the repeated reports of a coming food shortage.
As one who grew up on a farm, I am bothered when I see today's excessive fertilizer costs driving farmers out of business and food prices up. I don’t like it when the Governor of California shuts off water supply to farmers in the inland portion of our state, causing soil to remain parched and unproductive. I identify with the Dutch farmers revolting as globalists destroy their noble occupation. I am disturbed by Bill Gates and the Chinese Communist Party (through third parties) buying up massive amounts of American farmland. I do not like hearing about Blackrock buying staggering numbers of residential houses.
What are we to do? What are our options? Is there really a coming food shortage, or is that just hype?
This is not the first time humanity has faced such a shortage. The last part of Genesis is the story of the role that Joseph played during a massive food shortage. God directed him as to what to do, and he saved the lives of many. Could God direct us as to what to do?
Pamela Holloway
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