Are You Tired Of Hearing About Voter Fraud? You Will Like This Guy!

Do you feel like you've heard enough about voter fraud? Doesn't it get tiring, even though it's such an important issue? Many say it is happening. Others call it "the Big Lie."
What we all want, or at least, should want, is truth. There is one thing that Democrats and Republicans should agree on: honest elections. (However, the evidence seems to indicate that not all want that!)
If someone in one party says, “There was voter fraud,” the smart response from the other party, assuming they believe there was no fraud, should be, “Fine. Let’s examine all the evidence. Let’s see if there is any fraud. Let’s examine the topic thoroughly. We believe an unbiased and objective examination will prove us right.” After all, that should resolve the issue, correct?
But that is not what happens. If some Republican says, “There was voter fraud,” many Democrats scream, “You are telling the Big Lie!” My question is, wouldn’t it be better to simply support a thorough examination of all the evidence? If Democrats are right, and it is merely a 'Big Lie', then an examination of the votes would prove their point, correct? Why aren't we simply having a calm discussion about the topic, and doing due diligence in looking at what happened?
David Clements
I am eager for you to meet the very “matter-of-fact” style with which Attorney and Professor (well, he was a professor until he was terminated for questioning the election) David Clements of New Mexico addresses the election. I think you will appreciate his no-nonsense, non-melodramatic, hyperbole-free demeanor. He is calm, collected, and confident. And he is knowledgeable. You will be fascinated.
By the way, this is ultimately a Biblical, Scriptural, moral, ethical issue. This is not merely political. This is spiritual. Check out these Scriptures and thoughts on the topic:
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
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