Come To Jim's Birthday Party, And Meet the Whole Gang!

I want to invite you to my birthday party, right now, today, May 25th. For my party, I want you to meet the whole team – in totally random order – by watching this fun video.

Warning: It is SO SO long, you will want to break it up in parts. Sorry! I got carried away interviewing this wonderful team!

You will meet the entire team of Well Versed (which was founded in 2019 by Jim & Rosemary Garlow) who do the background work, logistics, and funding for the World Prayer Network (which was founded by Mario Bramnick & Jim Garlow in November of 2020). Here are the people behind the scenes at Well Versed:
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann
Advisor-Overseer – Ministries in D.C. & NYC
Tamara Seymour
Well Versed Board Member / Businesswoman

Connie Rollins
Well Versed Volunteer / Social Media

Tristan Teng
Well Versed Books & Resources / Producing the WPN

Tracy Burger
Well Versed Executive Administrator / Finances

Greg Berg
Well Versed Board Member / Wealth Manager

Allen Ingram
Well Versed Volunteer / Tech / Producing WPN / Worship Leader

Frank Kacer
Well Versed Board Member / Staff Researcher

Giulia Giampa
Well Versed Director of Communications & Outreach

Phillip Jauregui
Well Versed Overseer of Ministry, United Nations, D.C. & NYC

Grant Aldridge
Well Versed Board Member / Agribusiness

Chris Shields
Future Conference Co-host

Tiffany Espensen Bates
Future Conference Co-host

Jeanette Bradley
Well Versed Volunteer / Contact list / Proofreading

Shamain Webster
Well Versed Executive Director

Terry Barnes
Well Versed Web-Tech / Producer of WPN / Advisor

Kyle Hermann
Well Versed Volunteer / Special Friend to Well Versed

Judy Garlow Wade
Leader of Well Versed Intercession Team

Alma Rivera
WPN Worship Leader

Listen to them all, and find out so much more about them by clicking here and viewing this.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed

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