Tucker Carlson On Ukraine.

Tucker is wrong.  At least on this one issue.
This is an urgent prayer request. Please read through and share this post. Please pray. Now.
Tucker Carlson is the best voice with the smartest mind with the best-reasoned arguments with the greatest data behind him on TV… and is right on almost everything. Almost. Except for Ukraine.
While is it true that our southern border should not be neglected at the expense of the border of another nation, he is wrong to assume that an isolationist and non-interventionist position should apply to Ukraine. Just wrong. He’s right on virtually every other issue though – and he has the richest content of anyone in media! There is not even a close second to him.
I admit that every country I go to, I fall in love with that country and the people of that country. And Ukraine is one of those countries. I feel so strongly about this, tears are almost forming in my eyes as I type this – as I think what could happen to the wonderful people in Ukraine. Please read this, share this, and pray. Now.
*A minor side note: I was supposed to be at a meeting tomorrow (Feb. 9, 2022) in D.C. with many of my Ukrainian friends, but regretfully had to cancel last minute. I will miss them so much.*

May I personalize Ukraine for you? I want you to meet some people.
Pavel Unguryan
This man, pictured above, is my wonderful friend Pavel Unguryan, the youngest person ever elected to the Ukrainian Parliament. He is now one of the strongest spiritual leaders in the nation. He is humble and godly.
Ivan Banakov

Rosemary and I met with Ivan Banakov (head of the Ukrainian equivalent to our homeland security). He managed the presidential campaign - an amazing story - for his lifelong buddy, Volodymyr Zelensky, a TV comedian who became the President of Ukraine by a vote of 73% of the people. We met with Mr. Banakov in the very building that the former Soviet Union KGB used to monitor and track down Christians and Jews!
President Volodymyr Zelensky

When President Zelensky was sworn in, in May 2019, the current Jewish Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman overlapped with Zelensky from May to August 2019, making Ukraine the only country (outside of Israel) to have a Jewish Prime Minister and a Jewish President simultaneously. For those of us not familiar with this form of government, the Prime Minister is head of government, the day-to-day activities of governance (as Groysman was), while the President is head of state (as Volodymry Zelensky currently is) in all ceremonial roles.
Rosemary and I recently met with a group of Ukrainian elected officials who came to Washington, D.C. We proudly held the Ukrainian flag with them.
Rosemary Schindler Garlow  |  Dr. Jim Garlow
While in Ukraine, we had the privilege of speaking on the topic of biblical principles of governance to wonderful Ukrainians in Kiev, not far from the spot where freedom-loving protesters had been gunned down by Communists decades earlier. May this not happen again.
I plead with you to pray for Ukraine. No one knows what will happen. But we all know what could happen. War could break out between the time I am writing this and the time you receive this.
Back to the issue: Why should we support Ukraine?  KEY REASONS:

There are 45 million people in Ukraine who love freedom. So many of them paid such a HIGH PRICE to secure freedom there 30 years ago. I was one of several persons who spoke in Ukraine three years ago to 1,000 leaders, 500 of them being elected officials. It is amazing what they survived under Communism. I was scheduled to speak again this past September on the 30th anniversary of the great overthrow of the Evil Empire. Regretfully, bizarre government COVID overreach from OUR government caused me not to go.

On December 1, 1991, Ukraine, which at the time was the second-most powerful republic in the Soviet Union (USSR), held a special vote. This was a monumentous day. More than 90% of the electorate voted in favor of Ukraine’s declaration of independence, which brought the needed closure to any opportunity for the USSR to stay together. The USSR left many nuclear weapons in Ukraine, and Ukraine was pushed hard to denuclearize. Guess who promised to protect them if they would? Us! The U.S.!
On December 5, 1994 the leaders of the United States, Britain, Ukraine – and, yes, Russia! – signed the Budapest Memorandum promising the Ukrainians that if they got rid of their weapons, they would be fully protected as a non-nuclear weapon state. Get this: Ukraine trusted the U.S. so they signed it. The U.S. signed it. We, as Americans, agreed to protect them if they would get rid of their nuclear weapons. Well, what should we do now? Short answer: Honor our agreement.
Vladimir Putin is a thug. His country, Russia, is 28 times larger than little Ukraine. So, this global "big bully" wants to terrorize the nation they already once terrorized? Did he not think the USSR has done enough damage the first time around? Even though 1/5th of Ukraine's population is Russian by background, most of them don't want Russian tanks running through their communities, killing all in their way. Putin has unrestrained avarice for reincarnating the super-monster, the USSR. Just consider how other evil world leaders throughout history have brought global mayhem by their out-of-control desire to control.
Make no mistake about it: Putin wants to control the World. Putin (like China’s dictator, Xi Jinping) is hellbent on doing it, with the emphasis on “hell.” Just ask Crimea. Or revisit the images of freedom-loving teenagers fighting against the Soviet tanks and Russian tyrants in the streets of Budapest during the Hungarian revolution of 1956.
And, get this - Putin has talked openly about his regret regarding the break-up of the Soviet Union in the 1990s, actually describing it as "the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century.” Let that sink in. He disdains the greatest moment of freedom and liberty in modern history, wanting to reestablish that which killed millions.
God has been doing a remarkable work in Ukraine. I wish I could sit in your living room with you and describe what has happened spiritually in that country over recent years. It is stunning. Every follower of Jesus would rejoice if they saw the wonderful breakthroughs of the church in Ukraine. You can look up the stories on the internet of Ukrainians pouring into the streets when they found out they could celebrate Christmas when they wanted, and when they created their version of Thanksgiving Day. You would be astounded at the huge rallies in the streets of their cities celebrating God’s plan for the nuclear family – father, mother and children – as opposed to the radical homosexual and transgender agenda.
Look at this picture of Ukrainians who have been praying on their knees in the snow for five years. Can we kneel on a carpet in the warm temperatures of our homes and cry out for the Ukrainian people?

We should care deeply about the peace and safety of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. The Evil Monster must be, should be, stopped. Germany and NATO should rise up. They likely won’t. Germany appears to be beholden to Russia. We have no leadership in the White House.
Tucker is right on almost everything else. But on this issue, he is wrong. I will still listen to him because he is so blasted smart and I learn so much from him, but on this issue I will tune him out, and pray people will not listen to him.

We must stand with Ukraine. Pray. Now.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed


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