What Happened to Public Schools?

The concept of public education was once – could have been, would have been – a good construct. However… however, secularists established early control over the system. Now, evildoers have overpowered it in so many parts of our nation.
Most of us have some public education experience. Most of it was positive, but that was then. This is now. What is now taught is horrific. What is NOT being taught is stunning.
I so wanted to avoid the topic of public education. Why? Because I know so many godly, deeply devoted public school teachers. But “the system,” especially the teachers unions, is beyond corrupt and evil, and the displacement of Biblical parental authority is inexcusable.
The promiscuous sexuality that is promoted, homosexual advocacy, transgender encouragement, blatant racism (CRT and disdain for whites), Marxism, anti-family themes, anti-God, anti-Biblical constructs, all taught hidden from or in opposition to the parents, it’s all just too much. I have stood as a supporter of public school as long as I could.
My father had huge respect for teachers. I inherited his admiration of teachers. Through my academic journey – elementary school, high school, college, along with MA, MDiv, Th.M. and Ph.D. programs – I have had the best teachers. I had a huge love and respect for them. They form my personal “Hall of Fame.” I still profoundly respect those teachers. But that was then. This is now. Things have dramatically changed.
Bottom line: Many teachers are great. Some are not. Teachers unions are most assuredly not. And many school boards are openly hostile to parents, one elected official openly proclaiming last week to the parents, “I don’t work for you.”
What you will hear in this World Prayer Network call is quite jolting.

You will hear from five highly-informed experts.
Actress, TV host, and moral education advocate Sam Sorbo (wife of actor Kevin Sorbo) will provide a brilliant exposé on the crumbling false foundation of the present-day public school movement.
Filmmakers Mark and Amber Archer explain their new movie, “The Mind Polluters.”
Journalist Alex Newman is profoundly intelligent.
Activist Dran Reese provides such practical counsel.
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