International Holocaust Remembrance Day: A Unique Look Back

Today, January 27th, is Holocaust Remembrance Day. What if we could take a look within the walls of those horrific Nazi concentration camps? Clila and Hadasa Bau, daughters of Holocaust survivors Joseph and Rebecca Bau, gave us that glimpse in a recent interview.
Clila and Hadasa Bau
Joseph and Rebecca were the young man and woman who were featured in the movie “Schindler’s List,” who got “married” – as best they could – considering the separation of men and women in the concentration camp.
After surviving the horrors of the Nazi death camp, they eventually found each other, officially married, and finally moved to Israel where he became the “Walt Disney of Israel” in animation and film, building his own cameras and projectors from scraps of metal that he could find. Also intriguing is the fact that after 50 years, Rebecca shared “the secret” that she had been the one who saved his life! In addition, he became involved with the famed Israel intelligence agency, Mossad, to try to track down Nazis who had escaped to South America.
Most moving is Joseph Bau’s fierce commitment to having hope for the future and maintaining a sense of humor – even in the terrors of the Nazi camp. His spirit could not be broken.

LISTEN to this REMARKABLE interview here.

Outline of the Interview
I think it might be helpful to you for me to give you a quick overview of the interview you are about to hear from Clila and Hadasa Bau. Here is a bullet point outline:
  • First part: who is Joseph Bau?
  • Life in the concentration camp
  • Joseph and Rebecca’s concentration camp “courtship” and “marriage”
  • Hiding Joseph
  • The 50 year secret
  • The 1946 wedding
  • Weddng pics of 1944 & 1946
  • The movie “Schindler’s List”
  • Joseph Bau’s creativity, cards, poems
  • The Prayer from the Concentration Camp (a tender moment)
  • Paintings (highly creative; loaded with key messages)
  • Drawings of the Concentration Camp
  • Creative drawings for learning the Hebrew language
  • Shofar Sounder Robert Weinger shares some closing thoughts from Israel
Dr. Jim Garlow
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