How To Survive the Cancel Culture

One day you are at work, at a job you love, and in a workplace which has – up to that day – affirmed your contribution to the company. But one of your co-workers notices that you posted on Facebook an affirmation of one-man-one-woman marriage, citing Bible verses and declaring that as God’s plan for marriage. The co-worker complains that you – due to your “intolerance” – have created a hostile workplace environment, something of which you were never previously accused. Your company demands you attend “tolerance” training. You refuse. You are fired.
Or, perhaps you are told you would go to “diversity” training, at the end of which you would apologize for being white, your white privilege, and white supremacy. You are shocked. You refuse to apologize for being white, explaining your belief that racism, in any and all forms, is wrong, and you fully believe in equal opportunity for all ethnic groups. But that was not enough. You are fired.
Or, perhaps you were informed that you would have to get the Covid “vaccine.” You file a religious exemption. The company declines your request. You state that you would not get the “jab.” You were fired.
Or, perhaps, during a coffee break, a political discussion ensues in which people are freely discussing politics and saying who they voted for in the most recent presidential election. Most state that they voted for Biden. You reply that you voted for Trump. Things change that moment. Suddenly the HR Department starts building a “file” on you. You are fired.
This is the world of “cancel culture.” If you do not agree with or submit to the Leftist-Progressives, you are destroyed.
Attorney Brad Dacus and businessman Michael Seifert present some profoundly encouraging news on this recent World Prayer Network Call.

Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed

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