Joseph and Rebecca Bau's Story

Did you see the movie Schindler’s List? As you know, it was for real (except that the conditions were so much worse). Do you remember the couple who – against all the rules – got married in the concentration camp? Their names were Joseph and Rebecca Bau. They barely survived the Nazi’s cruelty.
After the war ended (1945), Joseph and Rebecca eventually moved to Israel where he became the “Walt Disney of Israel.” Oh, but there is so much more to the story. There is intrgue. He was involved with one of the most powerful national intelligence agencies in the world - the Israeli Mossad – in order to track down Nazis who escaped to South America.
The story of Joseph and Rebecca is shared by their two daughters, Hadasa and Clila, on World Prayer Network Call 129. One of the most remarkable things the sisters speak on is their father's principle, that humor will help sustain you even in the worst of conditions. Admittedly, it is hard to imagine that one could ever smile, much less laugh, in a concentration camp.  Joseph Bau's story is truly significant and inspiring.  You can read more details about it HERE.  He was brutally treated in the camp and refused to let them take away his ability to maintain a sense of humor.

Watch our interview with the Bau Sisters HERE!!
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