Jason Mattera - "Ambush" Interviewer

Mike Farris, Okotch Mondo, Jason Mattera
Here is a remarkable interview with prominent Attorney Mike Farris, CEO of the Alliance Defending Freedom, on an extremely important case that will be before the Supreme Court on January 7th. Included is the stunning prayer that followed – interceding for each Supreme Court Justice by name – led by Okotch Mondoh, who was on our World Prayer Network call from Kenya, Africa. You will see why I included his remarkable prayer. Listen and watch it here.
Why is this interview important? A major oral argument will take place this Friday, January 7th, at the Supreme Court, pertaining to the Biden Administration’s Covid mandates. The attorneys will not make the case for the medical arguments but for the legal ones; that is, whether a president can order such a thing. “Federalism” (the rights of states), upon which the U.S. Constitution is constructed, would assume that the federal government cannot make any such ruling or enforce it. It is not by accident that there is no federal police force intentionally. Such laws fall to the states.
In addition, Article 1, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution states quite clearly that Congress – not the President – makes laws. This should be a slam-dunk win, but one can never predict an outcome of the Supreme Court, which will likely announce its decision within a week.  Watch our interview here.

On Wednesday night, January 5th, 38-year-old Jason Mattera – an “ambush interviewer” (yes, you read that right), a crime investigator, TV and radio commentator, author and speaker – will be on to talk about the theological, Biblical, sociological, and political reasons why Christians have the right, if they so desire, to refuse the vaccine. (He, like me, takes the position that those who want the shot can get it, and those who don’t want it should be left alone. We strongly object to mandates.) You will find him energetic, compelling, winsome, and highly informative.

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