Dr. Garlow's Comments On the Events At the U.S. Capitol

Louie Gohmert   |   Michele Bachmann   |   Bob McEwen
I want to invite you to be on the GLOBAL PRAYER CALL – tomorrow, Sunday evening – January 10th to hear Congresspersons Michele Bachman, Louie Gohmert, Bob McEwen, and others. But first, some background.

One week ago, we were marching around the Georgia Statehouse – Jericho march style - in the Georgia Prayer March, praying for that state’s critical senatorial elections. Hundreds marched. Thousands joined online. In fact, there were 137,000 online views that day.
See www.GeorgiaPrayerMarch.org.

But we must admit, it was a challenging week. Georgia elected two new Senators who violate biblical principles. It was stunning. In all candor, as one who has closely followed politics since age nine, the two persons going to DC would rank as some of the most incompetent and unfit ever elected to the US Senate.

Meanwhile in Washington, DC, we had hoped that there would at least be a brief examination regarding potential fraud in the election. Integrity and honesty are important. Fraud, corruption and potential dishonesty in elections destroy a nation.  I suspect I have spent more than 20+ hours interviewing, talking with “on the ground” people – including State Senators and Representatives have who personally confirmed massive fraud. That is sobering. (That does not even include the most glaring and obvious issue: state officials violating election laws in numerous states. This one alone should have forced our Supreme Court to act. Lastly, there are the Dominion voting challenges. The “frosting on the cake” are the know statistical improbabilities and impossibilities.)

Fraud in elections is not a partisan issue. All should want integrity in the voting process. Ironically, the only persons saying “there is no evidence” seem to be those who refused to look at the evidence that was readily available.

Then there was the tragedy at our nation’s Capitol Building. CLICK HERE for my comments on that. Please listen to all my comments, both my denouncing of any violence, but also outlining the condescending way that supporters of our President have been treated for four exasperating years.

Added to the above were the events of yesterday, the massive social media cyber war on persons with biblical or conservative views. I was only one of many who were banned from Facebook last night, in my case, for 24 yours. What was my crime? Here is what I said (reconstructing it by memory because FB destroyed the post): “The is war. Not with guns. But a cyber war. First it was President Trump. Then General Flynn and Sydney Powell. Then Steve Bannon. Then 1,000s of others. You and me are next. Kristallnacht. Pearl Harbor. 9-11.”

Why did Facebook ban me? For telling people that Facebook was banning people. So they banned me!

If you don’t know what “Kristallnacht” is (1939), google it, and you will see that is what we are experiencing. A high level Jewish leader in Israel once said to me, “You know where you as Christians are in America, don’t you? You as Christians in America are where we as Jews were in 1939 in Germany.” A sobering thought indeed.
Mario Bramnick   |   Adam Schindler   |   Jim Garlow
As you know, Mario Bramnick and I (along with Adam Schindler as our tech guy and spiritual advisor) launched the GLOBAL PRAYER FOR ELECTION INTEGRITY / AGAINST ELECTION FRAUD. This not sponsored by Well Versed, but I participate in it as a private citizen, not representing Well Versed. Our 22ndcall will take place Sunday night, Jan 10, 5pm Pacific, 6pm Mountain, 7pm Central, 8pm Eastern.

We are inviting you to join us if you. With Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others shutting down the voices of Bible believers and conservatives, we feel that prayer for our nation is even more important.
Furthermore, we feel it is important to create another platform which Facebook cannot shut down our prayer. That being the case, I (not speaking for Well Versed) invite you to pray with thousands of others for our nation.

You will be encouraged to know that you are not alone.
  • We have from 3,000 to as many as 9,700 on the calls and are approaching 2 million views.
  • On the issue of election integrity alone, it has been reported that 81% of Republicans, 31% of Independents and even 17% of Democrats believe that the election was rigged. Let me repeat, you are not alone.
  • There were 74,000,000 people who – on election day – voted for protecting babies in the womb, for Israel, for “free market” economy (as opposed to Socialism or Communism), for biblical justice (law and order) as opposed to Marxist “social justice” (the confiscation of private property by the government to give to those who have not worked for it), for the integrity of the family, and for the Judeo-Christian values of our Founding Fathers and the US Constitution. These are all inherently biblical values. This far supersedes any partisan politics, a political party or even a candidate.

As I have said so many times, this is not about Republican vs. Democrats. This is not about Right vs. Left. This is, however, about Right vs. Wrong. This is about Good vs. Evil. This is about the angelical beings warring in the heavenlies with demonic forces. The is Scriptural truth vs. a virtual spirt of anti-Christ.
You can participate in the GLOBAL PRAYER CALL three ways:
  1. On Facebook – here – where you have been watching it during the previous 21 calls since November 4, 2020.
  2. If you do not have Facebook – go here.
  3. BUT – THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT – WE REQUEST THAT YOU WATCH IT HERE – JUST IN CASE FACEBOOK DECIDES TO SHUT US DOWN. PLEASE GO TO www.GlobalPrayerLive.org and register with your name, email and phone number. I am sorry to ask you to do this, but this is the only way we are assured that (a) we can continue to operate and (b) keep in communication to you. THANK YOU FOR BEING PATIENT WITH US – BUT WE ARE TRYING TO AVOID BEING SHUT DOWN. SO PLEASE GO TO www.GlobalPrayerLive.org AND REGISTER.

I am so eager for you to be on this call tomorrow night.
Dr. Jim Garlow
Well Versed

Rosemary Schindler Garlow
Well Versed


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