Jul 20, 2022    Mayor Bill Wells

More than half of America’s homeless live in California.

It is NOT primarily because of the weather as the second state is New York (which does not have good weather).The reason is because of California policy which encourages homelessness.

Homelessness is a problem that non-government entities can help solve, but government policy creates it.

The Government in California is decriminalizing crime.

Therefore, they have reclassified many crimes from violent crime to lesser crimes with lesser penalties. Therefore, the incentive to commit crime is increased because the consequences are far less.

Homelessness has been decriminalized and even encouraged and rewarded with government policy.

Much of this has occured because of the number of prisoners released.Two prisons in California have been closed recently.

Many District Attorneys now refuse to enforce the laws applied to homelessness (e.g., vagrancy laws, panhandling, buying and selling of drugs, public intoxication, etc.)

7/11 owners recently came to Mayor Wells’ office as their stores were being ripped off every day with impunity.

In California, you can steal up to $950 every day without being arrested. This is true!

The police can only give this person a ticket.Therefore, some can steal almost $365,000 a year with only tickets (if law enforcement even gives them a ticket.)When criminals learn this - and they do - they game the system and it brings disorder to society.

Homeless people who enter the hospital more often than not test positive for drugs. Therefore, the root of homelessness must be addressed and it is largely tied to criminal law and policy that encourages drug use.

It is NOT compassionate to leave people homeless in streets. And this is exactly what government is doing by creating policy that encourages homelessness.

Related Biblical principles to consider:

Ecclesiastes 8:11 (Delay of justice encourages evil)Matthew 25:35-36 (Compassion to the hurting)Genesis 1:27 (All people are created in God’s image with intrinsic worth)Proverbs 19:17 (God will reward those that are kind to the poor)Matthew 22:39 (Love our neighbor as ourselves)Mark 14:7 (Homelessness will continue to be a problem because of sinfulness (exploited, sinfulness, circumstances))Luke 14:13-14 (God will bless those who care for the outcast and the poor)2 Thessalonians 3:10-11 (If you will not work, you will not eat)James 1:5 (Discernment and wisdom is needed to address this issue)