Rise of Totalitarianism

Jul 20, 2022    Cogresswoman Michele Bachmann

This is not a new occurrence, but is throughout history.

What is new is the rapid rise in nation after nation, of global authoritarianism (including in formerly free western nations).

The nations are shocked at what is happening in the United States, with the limitations on health care, travel, owning property, conducting financial affairs, speech, social media, etc. The nations are telling us to fight, because our freedom impacts all nations.

If the United States falls (and it will NOT as we and our God fight) the other nations find it even more difficult to stand.

The rewriting of the narrative in the United States is oppressive and unlike anything we have ever seen before.

Sri Lanka's environmental policy is what destroyed them and caused the people to respond.

Canada is another example. The government seized truckers' property because of their speech, assemblies, and protests. Farmers in the Netherlands had their resources cut because of the radical green agenda, and it is destroying the food sources as well as the lives of farmers.

The Biden administration gave amendments to the World Health Organization (WHO), and those amendments would surrender our sovereignty. 

Covid was a global reset to take away our Constitutional rights. Americans were fairly compliant because we thought it was temporary and we were largely deceived by the media.

We defeated the prior attempt, but now Biden continues to cede our sovereignty.

There is another international threat created by Biden.

In Afghanistan, we gave $84 billion of an army (larger than the entire military of Australia) to islamic terrorists. This was intentional and was NOT due to incompetence.

Pakistan has nukes and is weakened financially. If Islamic terrorists take over Pakistan with our American weapons we left in Afghanistan, then we have a major problem. Again, this situation was created intentionally and Biden, and those directing him, are responsible.

Access conferences at:

Regent.edu/electionintegrity (Stolen election)

Regent.edu/911 (Afghanistan)

Regent.edu/globalism (Rise of global authoritarianism)

Gaffney: If you reflect on all Biden’s policies, without exception they are two things in common:

1. They are bad for America;

2. A they are good for the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”).

The above facts are not coincidental nor due to incompetence, but intentional policy. One of our greatest challenges is that we refuse to see that we are at war with the CCP.

Related Biblical principles to consider:

Genesis 11:1-9 (Tower of Babel)Proverbs 28:2 (Lawlessness breeds many rulers; an understanding man brings stability)Proverbs 28:12 (When the wicked rise, people hide)Proverbs 28:15 (Wicked ruler is like a charging bear over a poor people)Proverbs 28:28 (When wicked rule, people hide)Proverbs 29:2 (When wicked rule, people groan)Romans 13:1-4 (Government is to punish evil-doer and commend good; they have no biblical authority to be oppressive)