My Story: Transgenderism

Jul 20, 2022    Walt Heyer

When Walt was 4 years old, his grandmother made and dressed him in a dress.

There are consequences to everything we do. Telling a boy he can become a girl has consequences. Walt can testify to this.

When Walt was put in a dress, he was essentially told he was not good enough until he became a girl (which of course is not possible).

What happened to Walt the child was manufactured and was child abuse.

Walt’s grandmother did not understand what was happening. Walt is not mad at her but he is mad at those today who knowingly do this to children.

Jenner is a man. Our Health and Human Services Secretary is a man. We must say the truth - that transgenders do not exist.

Every time we use the transgender word we concede the lie that men can become women. Stop agreeing with the lie!

In 1946, we did not have false words about “trans.”

Walt’s Dad was angry about what happened to him.

Walt’s Uncle decided when Walt was 9, that Walt was free game to be molested.The consequences were horrible.

This has never been about gender but about childhood trauma.

The solution to gender confusion is trauma therapy, not gender so-called “transition.”

Therapy can help, but we have to proceed under truth, not lies about gender.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the One who sets us free. Cutting off body parts does not bring freedom; it only increases and adds trauma on top of trauma.

Related Biblical principles to consider:

Galatians 6:7 (Whatever you sow, you will reap)2 Timothy 2:14 (Do not quarrel about words, which does no good)Luke 18:16 (Don’t hinder a child from coming to me)Deuteronomy 22:5 (Do not wear the opposite sex’s clothing)Luke 18:26-27 (What’s impossible for man is possible with God)Romans 12:2 (Be transformed to test what is good)1 Corinthians 10:31 (Do everything to glorify God)2 Corinthians 5:17 (In Christ you are a new creation)Jude 17-23 (Show mercy towards those caught up in sin)