The Implications of Biden's Middle East Trip

Jul 20, 2022    William Koenig

President Biden went to East Jerusalem without any support of Israel support. He is talking about closing the embassy in Jerusalem; he favors the two-state plan (the taking of land from Israel plan), and begged the Middle East for oil when we have plenty here (e.g., the Keystone).

In March, President Biden attempted to have the Palestinians included in the Abrahamic Accords. The Accords were between existing nations, and the Palestinians are not.

Iranian islam is 20% of islam.

President Biden is having communication disabilities. Other nations see it and are taking advantage of that liability in a way that harms the United States and Israel.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They will have to make critical decisions in the coming months.

We are moving into a Biblically prophetic season.

Israel just made a gas deal with the European Union. This could cause issues with Russia. Moreover, Israel has voted with Ukraine in the United Nations and this has upset Russia.

The relationship between Israel and Russia is becoming more tenuous.

Iran also has many weaponized speed boats in the gulf.

This is both an ominous and an exciting time because we see Bible prophecies coming to pass.

We do NOT believe in replacement theology because it is unbiblical.