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The "Spiritual Heritage Tour"

The United Nations Spiritually Understood

Is the United Nations a Christian entity? No. Is it God-centered? Is it Jesus-centered? No. Is it Bible-centered? No.

However there are some remarkable “thumbprints of God” in and around the United Nations. God is so pervasive that he cannot be escaped. Most people – even some who work there – do not know the remarkable memorials of a distinct Judeo-Christian heritage that are at the UN.

We ask you to slow down your “tour” of our website at this point and really take your time. Stay on this page for a while. Listen to each video (even though some of them were taped under very bad conditions of pouring rain).

And we especially want you to read every page of the booklet titled “The United Nations – Spiritually Understood.” Notice the “tour” on pages 1 through 23.  We think you will really enjoy this.
Join us as we examine the UN’s Universal Declarations from a distinctly Judeo-Christian standpoint on pages 24 to 99.

Read the article that begins on page 100 discussing whether the UN had a Judeo-Christian foundation or not.

And see the classic painting on page 114 of Jesus knocking on the United Nations Building.

Spiritual Heritage Video Collection

We pray these videos will give you more insight to the spiritual needs of the United Nations and why our Well Versed ministry is so important.
New, York, NY, USA – September 24, 2016 – United Nations Headquarters in New York City: The United Nations General Assembly opens.